Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Impromptu ootd // Greek Goddess?

Hello lovelies,
Today was lovely day, I caught up with my primary school bestie, had ice cream, a slice of cake and wore a vintage dress (well it is 4-5 years old, does that count as vintage?). I love this dress as it is free, cream and full of maybe patterns and materials - which I think makes it interesting and unique! The dress is from Next and the white sandals are from Topshop. Also I can eat as much as I like and it doesn't show - result!



How cute is the back! + my hair is super natural, thick and really fluffy today!

How cute is Jad's outfit!

Soo good, I love bubblegum ice cream, btw my nails colour is from Topshop
(feels like ages since I have painted my nails. Thanks to my sis!)

Hmm Victoria Sponge
Until next time,

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