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The Lady Of Shanghai - Review


Péngyǒu nǐ hǎo,

nǐ hǎo ma? Okay enough of Mandarin, I am trying to get back into learning and speaking it – so hopefully after this post is up and you lovelies read this post, I will have to make time to learn all the phrases I have forgotten!

Back to the main topic of the post, THE LADY OF SHANGHAI! Before I talk about that I have to say, my sister and I did get caught out in the rain on Friday; en route to the BFI Southbank which was a nightmare, but hey ho that’s London! Here was my ootd consisting of Ralph Lauren shirt, Dorothy Perkins shoes, New Look earrings and Next pumps.

I love this skirt, I got a few admiring looks and who could blame them! It is a beauty!

Hmm food market!

Now The Lady of Shanghai was amazing! This is another film I will give a 5/5 to, as it sent me and all the other viewers in the screening, on an emotional rollercoaster. Prior to the film, we were given a brief talk by two gentlemen (who work in the education department at the BFI) about the history of Orson Welle’s films and the background gossip on the cast and production team. It seems that during the film being made Rita Hayworth and Orson Welles, were going through a divorce and as Rita wanted to grow as an actress and win Orson back; she petitioned to get Orson’s newly girlfriend removed for the protagonist role, so she could play it herself! And who could argue with Rita, at that time they were the public’s favourite beloved movie couple; like Liz and Dick! So in retaliation, Orson decided he wanted Rita to chop her much loved and recognisable long ginger hair, for an alternative short blonde do (which I think suited her just as well, as she was a stunning woman) however it was known, that Rita felt quite insecure because of her new makeover. Sounds like an episode of a soap opera to me!
I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who love old movies (which are in black and white), over-dramatic music, a love for vintage clothes (Rita wore some stunning pieces!), a hyper Irish accent by Orson Welles and a who-done-it that would give Eastenders and Columbo – a run for their money! – I know they really packed a lot into 87 minutes.

Here are some looks/scenes I loved!



The next showing for TLOS will be in October, so get your tickets as they are now on sale! Also they will be running some course at the BFI in September, if you love film and want to know more 
Thanks again to Victoria!
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