Saturday, 30 August 2014

Best Dressed at the Emmy Award 2014

Hello fashionista's,
It is that time again, when we the onlookers, the observers, the fans get to see our favourite Hollywood stars dressed in their finest ensembles! Which being a girl who loves fashion, is just HEAVEN! I love finding new designers, patterns, trends and just being nosey to see what every celebrity style is off camera.

 So if you are like me than keep on reading, as it is my best dressed list! Handpicked for you lovelies; brace yourself for the loooong list!

What can I say about Sofia, just gorgeous!! I love everything about this dress
and I don't care that she always wears a mermaid cut; which her figure is made for!

This dress is really classic and timeless, I just wish is was a little more
snug on the top half - but yet again just pretty!
I love this dress it is so beautiful, I think Talyor looks beautiful in it. I just wish that the bust bit
was tighter and a bit higher - however the look is lovely and very Great Gatsby
I love Hayden and I am so happy for her being a first time mother-to-be to a baby girl!
I think her dress, make-up and hair is beautiful!

This is a very pretty dress, I just feel it is so safe and I would have
loved her to go a bit more bolder as she is so pretty!
I can never fault Julia, I just love her on and off camera! I also love her hair!

Mayim looks gorgeous and very royal! I wish is was a bit smaller on the bottom as it looked so warm,
she must have been boiling!
Keke looks beautiful, I love the colour and the structure; I just think personally for me the bottom is way to big!

Look it's  Grace! I really like this dress, I think it is elegant and sophisticated.

Christine looks lovely in this floor length gown with a train.
I love Lizzy, perhaps because we have the same name?! Haha but honestly I thought she looked elegant
and beautiful!

Ariel looks so beautiful, the dress is long yet youthful and her make-up is stunning!
Kate looks soo pretty in this! I love bright colours so it definitely caught my eye.

Kerry is so gorgeous! I am in love with her, I am currently watching Scandal (I know I am really late),
so knowing how beautiful she is, I wish she had different make-up and hair!
I love this outfit, she looks so beautiful and I love her personality, she really makes an outfit!

Vanessa is just naturally blessed, from when she first stepped into the spotlight, she always looked pretty.
I think she can pull off any colour and on anyone else it would look a little plain but on Vanessa, I think the
colour compliments her perfectly! I would have loved to see a diamond necklace or earrings paired with the dress.
Sarah looks so pretty, is really seems that all the Modern Family girls looks gorgeous!

Christina I love you and the dress colour is lovely on her ,with her gorgeous ginger hair but I
am not to sure about the fabric of the dress. The structure of the dress is lovely for her though.

From the front I loved Julia's dress, but as a woman of a particular age, I thought the back should
have been a bit higher.
Louise just looks soo gorgeous and model like - why is she soo pretty!

Matthew and Camila are such a hot couple! I just love them together, both are so well-dressed.
Jon and Jennifer are so cute! I think they are a lovely pair, I wish Jennifer's dress was a little longer or
her shoes were different.

I love Zooey and Jacob! I think she looks so pretty, her hair is beautiful and bouncy and I
love the top half of her dress and the colour but I am not to sure about the bottom.
Seth looks handsome but I love Alexi's dress - it must be the one shoulder cut out aspect, not
to mention the matching earrings and cute ponytail!

Colin and Samantha look lovely and effortless!
Matt looks so handsome in this suit!

So what do you think? Who was your best dressed?
until next time lovelies

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