Saturday, 30 August 2014

Best Dressed at the VMAs 2014

Hello Dolls,
I have another instalment of best dressed but this time it's VMAs! I haven't watched it yet but I thought I need to get this post done and I will watch it later! So I heard VMAs had a lot of drama and shock outfits - so I am glad I don't do worst dressed lists haha! As you know I love awards or any event, that get all my favourite celebs dress up, as it is not only a platform for celebs or rising stars but also a chance for us the viewers to escape for an hour or two from real life!

So without further ado ... here is my list of best dressed at the VMAs 2014!

Of course I have to start with Kim! Ha, I loved her outfit, I though it was youthful and young
and not to serious which is perfect for the VMAs.

Kendall has an amazing body and this outfit is lovely but I think she could have done more
than just black. Also I don't really like her sandals but nevertheless she is just gorgeous.

I love this outfit on Kylie, she is channelling her inner sexy vixen.

This dress is lovely on Kesha but her hair *sigh*.  I have gotten used to her eccentric ways and the
more I look at her hair, the more I kinda like it.

I love the metallic trend and I like details on the dress, I just wished she pulled up her dress
before the picture was taken.

I love Sam Smith and I think he looks really smart in this 3 piece suit! Plus his hair looks amazing,
as per usual!

Hmm where should I start with Solange ... the hair is very Diana Ross, I love the suit material and the
fit of the trousers and the shoes. I can tell what look she is going for but I personally would love to blazer
to be quite fitting to shoe her lovely slim figure!

Even though it is an understated jumpsuit as it is in black, I like that it is paired with a statement necklace! 

Miss Grande definitely looks very sexy, I think it is great for her as she is tiny and slim and I
mean, if I was at a big break in my career I would definitely dress up a lot more too!
I love the boots!

Nicki looks really nice and clothed ... am I dreaming? I love her hair too!

Miley's outfit reminds me of a revamped Sandy for Grease outfit - very sexy + on trend!
I love the metallic shoes too.

Aww I love this picture!

Demi looks absolutely beautiful! (I just wish she wore a clear bra)

 I hope you enjoyed this post,
until next time

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