Saturday, 9 August 2014

If ... Review/ Fun in the sun

Hello beauties,
I hope you are well? On Thursday I got a chance to watch If... at BFI Southbank as part of their Teenage Kicks season running throughout August - so definitely go get your tickets while you still can. I brought along my partner in crime Josh as it was a good excuse to meet up/catch up and grab some dinner after (Aww we are so cute!).

Back to the film, If... is not like an film I have ever watched before and in a weird sort of way it reminds me a bit of my school, Carry On films, Harry Potter and a boy version of St. Trinians all merged together. I definitely feel like if you have went to or go to a same-sex school, a boarding school or a Christian school you have definitely kind of relate to the characters. As there are quite a few universal themes that pop up during the film like finding your identity, rebellion, oppression, the transition period of childhood to adolescence and of course the main theme being hierarchy! I think this film is every sociology and media teachers dream as it incorporates so much in just one film!

Whether I would watch it again, I am not too sure (maybe after sometime) but I am glad I did watch it as it was a good film and I never felt bored while watching it. Warning though it does continuously keep changing from black and white to colour a lot.

This definitely sums up the film a lot more than how I could have defined it. (Wikipedia)

After the film we decided to explore Southbank where we visited Heartbreak Hotel, the Tunnel of Love and Museum of Broken Relationships.



Hmm this was soo good!
Thank you Victoria!
Until next time lovelies

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