Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Dazzle and Jolt!

Hello gorgeous people,

At the Shopcade event during LFW, I met an amazing brand called Dazzle and Jolt! (See the post here) Since that day we have been in contact, mostly talking about what would be good for you lovely readers and if you carry on reading you can use my very own personalised discount code (that only lasts for a short while - so don't leave it too long!).

If you haven't heard of Dazzle and Jolt, the only way of describing them is a 'Lover of colour', each piece is vibrant and has a personality of it's own; which is definitely ideal for you lovelies who love to stand out! Here are my picks of the stuff I think is just AMAZING!

I think you can't go wrong with food covered clothing - I mean how super cute is that!
So it is discount code time, I would love to see the things you buy from Dazzle and Jolt! So definitely @ me or comment down below on what you purchase!

I hope you have a good week,
until next time lovelies

Friday, 19 September 2014

The Day I Met David Gandy!

Hello lovelies,
So today is one post that makes me really excited!! I absolutely love David Gandy and on the 18th of September,  I got the chance to meet him at his M&S Gandy for Autograph new collection launch meet and greet! (wow that was a mouthful!) I woke up early feeling really excited, I mean how could I not be and I made my way down to Marble Arch M&S!

I would say this is the best day of my summer/my life so far! Even though the moment was for a few minutes and I stood in line for a little while; it was definitely worth it to meet the gorgeous specimen, which is David Gandy! He is genuinely the loveliest and sweetest guy. Really down to earth. Not to mention the epitome of an English gentleman!

My outfit - Amelia Jane London - flower crown// New Look - dress// Missguided - heeled boots

Aww he was lovely enough to sign my sister's magazine and a flyer for her and I! - Such a sweetheart he is!

Hmm so you must have wondered what we spoke about right? Well I got not one but two kisses off the him! We spoke a little about his collection, my sister and Dunhill. He complimented me on my outfit - showing off his real Essex charm, then he signed my magazine and two flyers one for my sister and the other for me (I know she is literally going to love me forever!) we took a few photos then I left! It was all a blur but definitely a good blur. I also got to meet some really lovely people too in the line - which wouldn't have happened without the gorgeous David!

So if you are reading this David, it was amazing meeting you and I hope to meet you again soon! ;)
Btw I was wearing heeled boots, I not that tall!
Until next time lovelies

Girl Like Me Launch!

Hello lovelies,
Today the ever so lovely Georgina invited me to come along with her to the Girl Like Me launch which will be airing of TV for Mary Portas at the end of the year! I was really excited to go, as I love clothes (well duh ... kinda obvious as I am a fashion blogger!) and I love going to launches and seeing how a company grows. I don't know how the shop used to look but I know how it looks now and it is just lovely! I love that the colours change the deeper you go through the store, from yellow to white to black! I also like how you can buy clothes, get your nails done and even get your picture taken in the shop too!

I want these two pieces!

The dress I later went on to buy!

Doesn't Georgie look pretty in her new GLM top!

So I bought this dress and some earrings! Oh look it is Mary Portas!
 My ootd (taken by the lovely Georgina!)
Oasis coat // Boohoo dress // Missguided belt // Next flats

The shop is easy to find also as it has links to a train station and bus service and it is on Penge high street! So why not give the shop a visit.

Girl Like Me
 SE20 7HB

I hope you enjoyed this post,
until next time lovelies