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Creative Moments: Bronwyn founder of Lowie

Hello lovelies,
Last week I had the opportunity to interview the successful master of all trades Bronwyn Lowenthal! Which I was really excited about, since I  last visited her store in Herne Hill and did a post on it. Her new collection is just so beautifully made, as per usual and super flattering for any body shape - so you should definitely get following Lowie on all their social media sites and why not buy some pieces too!

Bronwyn's outfit is all Lowie & should be up on the website soon!

Name: Bronwyn Lowenthal
Occupation: Fashion designer

How are you today?
Very well, thank you.

What does a normal day for you consist of?
A normal day consists of getting in my studio for 10 o’clock, turning on my computer and making a cup of tea. Opening up my emails, delete all the ones that are useless. Then making a plan for the day, normally on Monday’s I would have a meeting with Hannah and work out what the plan is for the week, which leads to action. I wouldn’t say there was a normal day, to be honest with you…

... It changes?…
It changes quite a lot, especially as we are seasonal. We are just concentrating on designing, trends and selling. Sometimes we are concentrating on marketing. So it really varies according to the time of the year.

How was it starting Lowie in 2002, did it time to get the word out?
I started off with a market stall and that seemed to work quite well. From a marketing point of view, I used to ring all the magazines up and send them out lookbooks and photos and visit them and send them the products.

I love how your ethos is staying unique and each piece being limited edition, was it something you always believed in doing or was it something that came from building relationships with customers?
Yeah I mean you have to be unique, otherwise you might as well be a high-street brand right? Having limited edition, I think is an added benefit for customers, from buying into small brands.

How would you describe Lowie's USP? 
I would say that we try to include hand-crafted elements, with lots of our products like hand knitting, hand stitching or embroidery, some crotchet, that kind of thing; and keeping a vintage feel to most of our pieces.

Do you think being well-travelled has influenced your designs and patterns? As you have seen so many different styles, shapes and fabrics? 
Definitely, yeah as they are the main influences for me.

Seeing as you have performed so many jobs from being a Brand Manager, ski race photographer and fashion marketer. How and why did you decide to become a designer?
Well I studied Fashion and I have also worked in Fashion. So at one point, I knew I was going to have my own business but I thought, perhaps I might just be running a retail store. I didn’t think I would actually be designing my own brand.

So design wise, I actually fell into designing, my background is my Fashion Marketing. So it just kind of happened that I went to Turkey, one day and came back with all these Turkish socks. Then started importing Turkish knitted accessories and sold them into House of Fraser and Topshop and then they really liked it. Then the next year, I thought alright now I have to do something, if I want to be a fashion brand. I can’t keep selling the same stuff that I didn’t design. So I had to start designing. So it was more out of need than anything.

You have had a lot of success in the press, for example being featured in Cosmopolitan, Grazia? You must have a really alliance with PR companies?
Well we don’t have a PR company as such but Rosie, there helps with the marketing. How do we feel about getting into the press? Well the first time was very exciting and then after that you, well it is needed for a business. It is really important.

What can we look forward to for SS15?
Spring summer 15 is hanging up there actually *Bronwyn points to the rail of clothes*, we have got a wave print, we have got some gingham and some spot. Lots of blue, with a little bit of green and red in there.

So Bronwyn what is next?
Well we have a pop-shop at the Truman Brewery at Brick Lane for Christmas, so that is our next big thing that is going to be on for a month, so that should be pretty cool.

Also I have to say they have the cutest little dog in their studio, who I just wanted to take home with me!
I hope you enjoyed this post lovelies,
until next time

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