Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Dazzle and Jolt!

Hello gorgeous people,

At the Shopcade event during LFW, I met an amazing brand called Dazzle and Jolt! (See the post here) Since that day we have been in contact, mostly talking about what would be good for you lovely readers and if you carry on reading you can use my very own personalised discount code (that only lasts for a short while - so don't leave it too long!).

If you haven't heard of Dazzle and Jolt, the only way of describing them is a 'Lover of colour', each piece is vibrant and has a personality of it's own; which is definitely ideal for you lovelies who love to stand out! Here are my picks of the stuff I think is just AMAZING!

I think you can't go wrong with food covered clothing - I mean how super cute is that!
So it is discount code time, I would love to see the things you buy from Dazzle and Jolt! So definitely @ me or comment down below on what you purchase!

I hope you have a good week,
until next time lovelies

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