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LFW Day 3 - Fashion's Finest/ Shopcade LFW pop-up event

Hello fashionista's,

On day 3 of LFW I had the opportunity to go to Fashion's Finest, which took place at the beautiful Grand Connaught Rooms, which is just off the main street of Holborn but is incredibly silent inside. The atmosphere and setting was the perfect environment for a LFW show to be at; with the high ceiling and decadent chandeliers hanging in every room! As my friend Nicola had also been invited, we decided to meet and catch up (Nicola also brought her very pretty and hilarious friend Jess too).

I know you are all dying to know what I wore! Well for Fashion's Finest I decided to wear my Oasis coat, my trusty Missguided boots and Fever London top and skirt (that they kindly sent to me, to wear for LFW!). Which you will see near the end of this post!

Very celtic and traditional, which is perfect for the winter chill! I didn't look through the catalogue
but I hope it does come in more colours as I could see the design being quite popular!
Maiko Nagayama
Maiko Nagayama is an amazing brand, with some beautifully made pieces. The pieces I loved the most, were the delicate rings and of course the dangly earrings - which I think are fit for any princess! The collection is all handmade and in a beautiful selection of colours.

I love all of these and it I could, I would buy all three!


Oysby Fashion

Lady Gaga eat your heart out! These shoes aren't for the faint hearted - look at the heel
in the top left corner!

I love the unique shapes and sizes of each bag, the lipstick is a cute twist too!

And the last exhibitor is Fareemah, which I can't say much about as I didn't get a chance to talk to the owner. 

 I think it is show time!

 Rhona Anne the lovely woman who invited me collection, was the first on the runway. I would say it was quite muted with the colours being around the neutral palette ranging from black, grey and nude - with hints of leopard, leather and ruffles. The silhouette of the collection was quite traditional for a new designer and I wish there was more bold colours to really grab the audience and the photographers attention! Nevertheless I liked the mix of fabrics element.

 I enjoyed L. Collection especially as it was an African pattern with a western twist, it is really clever as a lot of brands have started to do it and it looks good on anyone!

Charon collection was very structured, I love the fact that it is shirt with a cool twist and of course I love the flower crown touch, as you will see in my next posts. It makes it very whimsical and feminine to a quite masculine structured shirt.

I love this look! I would probably wear it, if the skirt was shorter and skater,
with tights and flats or black chunky heeled boots!

I don't think matches with the whole collection but I liked the design of the dress!

 Dontelle Bleur, on the other hand is adventurous with colours such as bold greens and whites, mixing structure of clothing with halter-necks and high leg slits, not to mention the low plunge neck line dresses. This collection is definitely for the faint hearted, although worn on the right woman, with bags of confidence. This person could definitely have a good day or night in any of these dresses; with all eyes on them for the whole day!


Kass Kouture is a brand that swears by everything long, floaty and sheer with high slits (of course!) and a lot of ruffles around the neck and chest area. I believe that Kass Kouture's usp is that each piece whether you love it or hate it has personality and character. However in my opinion the designs aren't my cup of tea.

Even though most pieces in Koyawo collection were black white with a hint of gold, I actually liked the collection. It was interesting, fresh, unique and I could actually see some of the pieces worn by celebrities or normal people.

Sofia Douvari however stole the show for me, and I am so proud her, as she has come a long way in such a short period of time! I first met Sofia at a Bloggers Love event, where I was introduced to her brand. She is a very lovely and warm woman, who now till this day we still keep in contact! The collection was absolutely lovely and feminine and I loved the light colours she used. The music was also quite good as it had the desired effect of being a show stopper and high in intensity. Each piece either had a v neck aspect, sequins, flowers or a low back.

 I definitely this Sofia has rose the bar for future Fashion Finest designers and if I have a chance to go next year, I would love to see the next breed of Fashion Finest designers and also the current designers a year one. It was definitely an experience that I had fun going to and I would love to do again!
After Fashion's Finest we went to get some food and we popped into the Shopcade event for a bit too!
Me and Jess

Jess and Nicola! <3

Look out for the lovely Amelia Jane featuring on my ootd!

I love the colour!

Looks so comfy and warm!

Heart throb t-shirt!!
I hope you enjoyed reading/watching this really long post!
Until next time lovelies

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