Friday, 19 September 2014

The Last day of LFW!

Hello gorgeous people,

I hope you are all well, so this post is a sad one, the last day of LFW :( it was so much fun I actually didn't want it to end! I knew because it was the last day, I had to make a good impression so I dressed up in the gorgeous flower crown from Amelia Jane London (that I was given at the gifting lounge), Oasis coat, ASOS dress and Next flats. I was going for the Lana Del Rey meets Blanche from Street Car Named Desire look!

Me and the lovely Tasha Green

How cute does Charlotte Fisher look!

The dapper George Barry

Tim a buy at the BFC

Me and the gorgeous Shirley B Eniang

The pretty Poppy D

Faye Olivia's bag

I love @SinclairBW t-shirt!
I absolutely loved LFW I thought it was amazing, everyone dressed beautifully and everyone was really unique! It was just a really amazing experience for me personally!
I hope you enjoyed this post lovelies,
until next time


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