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Creative Moments - Haveyouseen (Exclusive)

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Today I bring you yet another 'Creative Moments', two in such a small proximity - I am really spoiling you! This interview is one I have been planning with Greg for a little while and I am so glad, I can finally publish it! Greg is probably one of the most passionate people I know, who truly does just love his job; and I am just so honoured to be able to interview fascinating people like himself for my blog!

Name: Greg Page
Age: 30
Occupation: Chief Marketing Officer at haveyouseen

How are you today Greg?
I’m good

What does a normal day for you consist of?
So a normal day is quite varied. We just launched last month, so are busy meeting with a few press and agency houses; to get our word out there on the street. However, we do see a lot of natural growth from people joining through recommendations, which is exciting. We are also taking a lot of feedback about our product, to get it in a great condition for people to use it. So it's a combination of getting our word out there and understanding what people love about our product, what they want us to change about it; and generally growing the business. 

Tell me a bit about your background? How did you get involved in haveyouseen?
I have a background working in a few big tech and mobile companies across various marketing and business disciplines - from commercial and product to acquisition and base management, and have also dipped into a bit of brand as well... 

The haveyouseen opportunity came up at the end of last year and I decided it was an incredible idea and I definitely wanted to be involved. So I jumped in as soon as I could... For me personally it's also the challenge of creating and growing a start-up and working on something that I genuinely believe is going to be big.

What did you study in school?
I studied Business Management and I specialised in strategy and marketing. It was also quite broad and it involved subjects like research, accounting, logistics, theory of interest and finance. 

Where did you study that?
I studied that in South Africa and shortly after I came to England and I have been here since. 

Who is your primary demographic?
That's an interesting question, the product is relatively new, so we're still discovering what the primary demographic could look like. It feels as if it is something in the lines of 18-35 female, but at this point it's difficult to say. We may still be surprised! We are learning as we go along. 

What can we expect from haveyouseen in the future?
We are trying to change how people buy online and it is driven by the understanding that they have the power. Firstly, buying things from brands, and secondly, from making recommendations - and in the future we want to be in a position that consumers understand this power and actually get rewarded for shopping and sharing online. It's a new way of thinking about things but it is really simple when you break it down to that level. That is where we want to be, we want people to understand that they shouldn’t just buy or make recommendations about products without getting rewarded or paid for doing so. 

Do you think that is your USP against other competitors?
I think that is one unique selling point. Another one is that we give people the ability to find products that you love from all over the internet and bring them into one place; which is haveyouseen. From there they can organise them into collections or wish-lists for storing, buying or sharing. In other words organising your online shopping. The closest thing we can compare it to is a "shoppable Pinterest", because Pinterest is great for finding inspiration on trends, looks or designs - but you can't necessarily buy what you see. On haveyouseen, everything is purchasable, so it allows people to buy the things that inspire them. This can be your stuff or you can discover great products from other members.   

Is there anything you want my readers to know? Background information?

I'd say try us out! You may be surprised... It's really simple. When you're shopping online and you see something you love and you don’t necessarily want to buy it at that particular point in time, you can add it to haveyouseen, you can store it in a collection, grow the collection and when you are ready to make a decision on what to buy then you can buy it. One of the things we usually say is, as we come up to Christmas, and a lot of people are thinking about what to buy for friends and family, haveyouseen gives you the ability to create collections of stuff you are thinking of buying as gifts. You can make it private, so no-one can see it; organise your gift ideas in one space and when you are pretty sure on what you want, you can buy it! And if you never get what you want for Christmas, you can create a collection of gifts and share them with the person you want it from!  

Also go watch their promo video (here) for their launch party that I blog about (here) - you may or may not see me in it! ;)
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