Monday, 6 October 2014

Fever London Event

Hello lovelies,
First and foremost I know I have not blogged in a little and I am sorry! - I have been soo busy lately (which you may or may not know if you follow me on instagram or twitter). I will try my hardest to blog as regularly as possible or schedule posts; which I know most bloggers do! This lovely mini post is from a couple days ago when I went to the lovely Fever London store off Oxford Street with my lovely new friend Melanie.


I can't describe to you lovelies how gorgeous Fever London's clothes are from the quality to the style. This will definitely not be the last time you hear about this brand on my blog, as I am part of their blogger programme and if you remember, I was also fortunate enough to be sent some of their pieces to wear to LFW Fashion's Finest (see the post here).

Also I forgot to mention, the reason I was there is because I got a lovely email from Lauren about their new collection being launched and oh my, I definitely was not disappointed! They are so many things I have on my wishlist, it is unreal! However I have to confess, I didn't just window shop on the day, I did end up buying this gorgeous emerald green vintage dress, which was literally a bargain in the sale section; and I am so excited to wear it in the coming months, possibly for a Christmas party or to a lovely dinner.

I would say that Fever London collection is based around the vintage age and sophistication that isn't celebrated or even seen much these days because of various reasons: one being practicality and perhaps cost and not needing to look your best every time you leave the house. However saying this, Fever London's new collection is perfect the everyday and special occasions - so definitely go and visit their website!
I hope you enjoyed this post,
Have a good week

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  1. Lovely post, thanks for the little shoutout :3
    I definately fell in love with Fever London ! :) x