Friday, 17 October 2014

Storm Watches Celebrates it’s Silver Jubilee!


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British designer duo, not to mention married couple Anna Lee and Steve Sun, celebrate their 25th Storm anniversary on October 16. To mark this joyous occasion, the pair designed four limited edition pieces (in the picture above).

The renowned British brand has flourished since it establishment in 1989, they have launched in 45 countries internationally and have branched out from contemporary and innovative watches to fashion accessories and fragrances.

The limited edition pieces were chosen according to the popular styles, which usually retail for women at £129.99-£149.99 comes in Silver, Gold and Rose Gold. The male timepieces range from £169.99-£199.99 available in Black/Silver, Slate and Brown. These classic colours reinforces the traditional British values in the brand.

Anna and Steve on their 25 Storm anniversary

‘Such a milestone, it’s hard to believe that STORM has been around for 25 years already, we love what we do and even to this day we feel really humbled, particularly when we meet people socially who know and follow our brand. We started out just the two of us in an office above a takeaway in Acton High street and if we look back to where we are today, we have so many good memories along with many ups and downs over the years but we wouldn't have it any other way, it has made us who we are today!’

The watches will sell at £25 each, while stocks last post October the 16.

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