Saturday, 8 November 2014

Giovanni Battista Moroni exhibit at the RA

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Last week I had the opportunity of attending the famous Giovanni Battista Moroni exhibit at the RA, and 'Dressing Italian Countess' as part of the bloggers preview. I can't express how interesting and inspiring the exhibit is and how I urge anyone who is interested in Fashion, Art, Culture or who is in the Green Park area to actually go and see the exhibit. It is open to the public until Sunday January 2015 so that is plenty of time to go and see this amazing exhibit.

'Dressing Italian Countess' was truly amazing for me to listen to, as I don't have any sewing experience. So it really was not only informing but also entertaining as the audience got a chance to see how a Countess at that time would have dressed and we got to see the process live, on the lengths a Countess would wear.


The paintings I loved in exhibit:

  • The Trinity Lorenzo Lotto - I love the imagery that is painted from Jesus being situated above the clouds with a rainbow to the children in the clouds
  • Lucia (The Lady in Red) - I love that in the painting you can tell that the fabric is silky and so vivid. From her blonde hair and her rosy cheeks!
  • A girl of Redetti family - should innocence and great skill in the brushstrokes.
  • Imedea Rossi (A Lady in Black)
  • Giovenni Gerolamo Albani - Shows direct mode of address and I love the way the costume is lavish with fur.
  • A Gentleman and is Two Daughter (A Widower) - The kids are adorable in long gowns of the period.
  • Bernado Spini (In Black)
  • The Magistrate -A Cape in lynx fur in the colour green.

Me with the lovely bloggers and Curator Dr.Arturo Galansino 

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