Sunday, 16 November 2014

Nica Handbags & Others (Press Day)

Hello lovelies,
On Thursday I attended a press day with Nica Handbags - which is always lovely to be invited to, as I really do love press days! The two day preview ran by three main PR companies, was held at The Westbury hotel in Mayfair. Which was quite convenient for me as I popped down straight after university.  Sometimes being so busy with university, you pass up opportunities to go and network with actual people. So I was so glad I found time to go, as I loved having a good browse at the new and beautifully made brands, that were showcased!

Something I noticed was how each brand had it's own character, charm and demographic, however with a few minor style changes, each piece could suit anyone regardless of taste. Also each brand uses high quality fabric, meaning great investment pieces that will last you a couple years - perfect if you are still looking for a Christmas present for a loved one or for yourself ;)
I love all the bags, I couldn't decide which bag to take a picture of individually, as they are all really cute; so I decided to
just do a wide shot of all of them!
When I look for the bag, I look for style, colour, practicality and price and fortunately Nica Handbags really do tick most if not all for most women out there - which could be a perfect Christmas present!

I love the patterns and colours - I commend the VM!

I love this rail, it is classic and timeless - all you need is a ticket to St.Tropez and a Yacht to relax on. 

Such a lovely picnic dress.

I love how cute and dainty these accessories are, such a great way to layer a simple outfit!

All these pieces are fit for Royals!

For those days when you want to look effortless and gorgeous!

I want this coat is it so M.I.C 

So much colour and the fabric is amazingly thick and very form flattering!

So cute! Perfect with a pair of tights and boots in the winter or a pair of sandals in the summer!

How amazing are these bags, I want them all! I mean how could you not stand out of a crowd with theses on your arm! 


How amazing are the patterns and fabrics used with these pieces! I love it, so unique - they also look
even better in reality!

I love a good pair of flats!

 This pair looks so comfy!

I was so tempted to get into this bed, it looked so comfortable!
Doesn't she look like a princess!

I feel in love with this dress, it is perfect for A/W and it is modelled beautifully (above).
I love this, it is such a red carpet showstopper! 
I love the variety and colour of each of piece, they are so beautiful and would look amazing hanging or worn!

I can definitely see Carrie Bradshaw wanting a pair of Emmy London shoes - just beautiful! They also make headpieces and clutches to co-ord with the shoes. 

I absolutely love these shoes, even though they are specially made for bridal wear I am sure me
and other women out there would definitely buy they are gorgeous shoes, just to own! Also I love the tea cup and flowers on display - the little touches make all the difference. 

Brands included/represented at the press day were:
I hope you enjoyed yet another photo-filled post!
Until next time lovelies,

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