Sunday, 21 December 2014

Allen Jones at the RA (Bloggers preview)

Hello lovelies,

On Friday the 21 of November I had the pleasure of attending the controversial and home-grown artist Allen Jones. The exhibit included over 100 pieces of his work, from his infamous Hat Stand (1969) to The Chair (1969) and The Table (1969).

Now I have to admit prior to coming to the exhibit I was really excited to see the exhibition as I had heard of Jones before but I ashamedly didn't know much about him. And as the coming weeks drew closers, I decided to do one of my features on his life/ this exact exhibit. So me being me I over researched and knew waay too much about his life from my extensive research; before coming to see the exhibit. So it was quite hard to keep an open mind as I had only been exposed to two very different sides of commentary: one being Jones defending his work and the other being the oppositional reading of radical feminists and anti-Jones'.

However as an aspiring journalist I put my pre-conceieved judgement to one side and walked through the exhibition with an open mind. The first thing I noticed while walking through the exhibition was that not all of Jones' pieces of work are controversial; most are actually quite tame and I dare say expressionist/abstract. Also I love that most of his work is full of colour and uses different materials. Each piece is so different and even though there is a running theme - women and the female body; it is apparent that as Jones' began to find his style, he was open to experimenting with different forms of art; from sketches to sculptures.

I love this and I can't believe how tiny Kate Moss is to be able to fit into this half done costume!

I would definitely say that my opinion of Jones' has changed from when I first started researching about him, as I did think he could possibly be a trying to maintain patriarchy and oppress women but from looking at all his work, I believe that Jones' is just a man who is obsessed and admires every inch of the female body; in particular their legs!

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