Sunday, 21 December 2014

Item M6 - Review

Hello lovelies,

A while ago I had the opportunity to attend the Task PR press day where I stumbled upon Item M6,  a  German brand who manufacture hosiery for men and women. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen this picture I took when I first received them and yes I was genuinely was excited. 

As you may or may not have noticed I wear tights quite a fair bit, so I am always looking for new brands to try out! And it seems Item M6 maybe the one, as it has built in shapewear which I know is mine and every woman's dream, especially if you are wearing something quite figure-hugging. I wore it the day I got it, as it just so happened I went to the Giovanni Battista exhibit at the RA. 

So you want to know the look and the feel right? Well on first glance when looking at the tights they do look like they are made for a child, but I assure you they do stretch. What I found unique about the tights is that they feel like a second skin. They are quite fitting the first time you put them on but you soon get used to the feeling of them on. They also make you appear a lot slimmer than you are, I don't know if it is because I wore the one the black but even my mother commented on how slim I appeared in them - which is excellent in my opinion! The tights themselves has an ombre sheen to them, which I like as I have never bought a pair like them before. I also like the feel of the tights on as you can feel it is made out of high quality. So I would definitely recommend looking at their website and while you are there, why don't you look at their shapewear.

Here are a few ootd's of me wearing the tights.

Okay so I know they are not the best pictures to highlight how amazing these tights are but it hasn't been seasonably warm. However in the last photo you can kinda of tell the sheerness of the tights. Don't worry though, in the future I will definitely be wearing my Item M6 in the future!

Until next time lovelies

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