Sunday, 21 December 2014

Watched LCF fashion show

Hello gorgeous people,

Last month I had the chance to attend the talented 2nd year Fashion Design students fashion show at LCF. I can't express to you how amazing everyday is at LCF, it is literally like everyday is a new adventure and I have been so fortunate to have already made some amazing contacts and friends.

I have to say I absolutely loved the Watched fashion show, it was so interesting to see the designs from the next future designers of tomorrow. I was also very proud as my lovely friend Genieve's designs was also featured in the show! The pictures below are the ones I liked the most/are the ones that are the most clear (sorry my camera went a bit funny with all the lights and flashes).

I love how sophisticated but fun this dress it.

With this dress on, you will be ready for any event or night-out!

This is such a cute outfit and I can see this being sold everywhere!

So perfect and ready-to-wear, also I love that it is a whole outfit with  no-fuss.

I absolutely loved this outfit, perhaps because it is in a beautiful red colour and has a train!

I could see this dress being featured in an editorial or as a costume for a film!
I hope you enjoyed this short post.
Until next time lovelies,

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