Sunday, 4 October 2015

Hasan Hejazi SS16

Hello lovelies,

On day one of my London Fashion Week escapade, I had the pleasure of starting my morning at the beautifully created Hasan Hejazi presentation at the W hotel. Upon arrival, I was really excited to see Hasan's collection because the fashionable Ingrid from Asoni Haus and Liam for the Male grooming guide  both highly commend the collection and sent me the invite.

Once I arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to see how Hasan and his partner Christopher had made use the cinema room space. Which I believe was a fitting way to showcase Hasan's beautifully varied design aesthetic. Plus it reminded me of the Marc Jacob RTW SS16 Hollywood themed space, I guess great minds think alike!

Hasan's current ss16 collection has been influenced by love, which partially stemmed from Hasan's recent collaboration with Coca Cola, where he designed his own can. And following this, he gave his loved ones a pink heart shaped necklace for Christmas. Which later became his personal muse for the collection.

Also it should be highlighted how refreshing Hasan collection is, considering that it is inspired by love but does not heavily incorporate the colour red to connote the theme of love. Instead, injecting vibrant bursts of colour onto half of the collection, that I would like to describe as the fun, young and everyday with a twist. Whereas the remaining half is classic and when put on unleashes the inner Goddess that every woman is.

All in all, I was so glad I had the chance to meet Hasan because he is not only a Leo like me but he is also such a lovely and highly-talented designer. Who creates ensembles that are fun, on-trend and timeless, suiting any type of woman regardless of age or shape.

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Sophie Cameron Davies (Scoop)

Hello lovelies,

I hope you are well. During London Fashion Week, I had the opportunity to head down to the Saatchi Gallery where Scoop, the International Fashion Show showroom space was being held. While I was at the space, I found myself immersed around an abundance of designers and collections to photograph and peruse. Although the only designer and collection I had my heart set on seeing, was Sophie Cameron Davies.

And if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you will have seen that I was very thankful that I did. As Sophie's collection is just clean, simple and utterly gorgeous. With the classic styles, silhouettes and colours, Sophie has given a new fresh feminine touch to an old and much beloved classic blouse.

What I loved when approaching Sophie's stall, was how her pieces stood out from the visual hubbub that surrounded her. The SCD brand is chic, versatile and timeless without being boring. Each blouse has its own story, character and in turn would compliment any outfit; whether going to the office, on a date or out with the girls.

Also the unique selling point for SCD and the thing that I am most surprised that some brands do not offer is a choice of either a slim, classic or fitted to a piece. Which was key for Sophie, as she is a woman designing for other women. In addition to this, Sophie has a background in the lingerie design and which spurred her to create flattering styles to suit different body types instead of the one-size-fits-all approach that most have when creating a brand.

Hence why,  I think the brand will do so well because SCD has such a wide demographic, with designs that would suit every woman. Currently sizes range from an XS-L and Sophie only makes blouses and shirts. However she is looking to expand into other aspects of womenswear in the near future.

For more information on the SCD range or to browse the beautifully shot lookbook go the website here.

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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Hans Feurer 'Exposure' VIP private preview

Vogue Paris 2011, 2011
Hello lovelies,

I hope you are all well.  On the 21 of September I had the pleasure of attending yet another private  soiree at the Mead Carney's studio. This time being the 'Exposure' by the highly talented Hans Feurer. As soon as I received the email,  I knew that this particular exhibit could not be missed and that I had to see these photographs in reality.

I think what captivated me to Hans' work is the vivid colours and the interesting ways he captures the human body. In each photograph you really feel like emotion and raw intensity, which is such a difficult but yet amazing emotion to stir up in a spectator.

On the night, I was overwhelmed with how many people came out to support Hans'. The gallery was full,  for the whole duration I was there. Although with good wine, company and beautiful pieces of art to look at - I do not blame them!

When reflecting on the exhibit, that is an assortment of Hans' work over the years, I feel it not only shows how talented Hans' is but also how there is an underline pattern in all his work. And also how you can find beauty can stem from the simplest things ... oh and less is definitely more!

Before I left, I was lucky enough to not only see Hans' interacting with others but also commend him on a wonderful display and after our brief encounter. I can understand why he captures such beautiful shots because he is such a warm and charming who can make anyone feel comfortable.

Pentax Calendar 1976 11, 1976

Pentax Calendar 1976 111, 1976

Pentax Calendar 1976 1V, 1976
"I don't do sterile, formal pictures" - Hans Feurer

Stern Magazine 1974 11, 1974

Vogue Russia 2014, 2014

Vogue Paris 2012, 2012
"Fashion has always fascinated me and I've always tried to understand the dream behind the images - and these photographs are kind of dream projections, you know? Of what one could be, of where one's desires might lead you." - Hans Feurer 

Poster for Chesterfield Stockings, 1975

Stern Magazine 1974 1, 1974

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Felicities PR showroom open day

Hello lovelies,

During London Fashion Week,  Felicities PR (a pr company, you are very much familiar with if you are a regular reader of my blog during fashion week) were holding a press and buyers open day at their showroom. Which is the perfect time to attain extra information on the brands they look after or the get a chance to feel and in my case take close-up photographs of each piece (for example this).

Showrooms always have a different feel to shows, as it is more relaxed and feels rather intimate and special for me, as it taps into my inner child who loves being surrounded by beautiful clothes. So to be able to go into different showrooms and preview the next season's collection, makes me a very happy girl.

I am just so glad that everything fell into place this season and I got a chance to visit Felicities' showroom, as I do have a soft spot for the fashion clients Felicities represent. I mean what is not to love about Charlie Cohen or Ethologie by Jasper Garvida , for example! Also I have an eye on a few pieces and a few new clients, so I cannot wait to see how there grow and expand their brand.

I hope you enjoyed this post lovelies,
Until next time.

Louis Vuitton Series 3 exhibition

Hello lovelies,

During fashion week, I found myself having some spare time in between shows, so what is a girl to do? Go to the Louis Vuitton Series 3 exhibition, duh! What better way to fill my time and give me a breather between waiting in lines and dashing between gorgeous ss16 shows, than seeing beautifully created pieces throughout history.

Verdict - I really enjoyed the exhibition .  Although I wish I had more time to stand, take in and appreciate all the components that made the exhibit but as I was pushed for time, I couldn't fully enjoy it. Even though I am glad that my lovely friend Annabelle invited me along with her to visit it. 

As it is an exhibit that is much better shared and enjoyed than by yourself because of the many talking points that the various floors have to offer. Such as watching a skilled bag maker create an iconic bag, become informed about the wonders of Louis Vuitton and take away a lovely poster. 

So I would definitely recommend going if you are a lover of fashion or looking for something to do in London!

Until next time lovelies,

LFW SS16 outfits

Hello lovelies,

I hope you are all well. I thought I would be a London Fashion Week ootd edition because it always really well received on my blog and I love talking about the thought behind my outfits; not to mention what I got up to during the day. So I hope you enjoy another edition of my LFW ootds straight from my Instagram!

Leather jacket - F&F// Orange polo neck - ASOS// Striped skirt -
Topshop// Black heeled sandals - Public Desire

Day one - For the first day of the season I wanted to look lady-like and put together. Also it was the first day of the season so I wanted to leave an impression and scope out the tone of the LFW dress code since its change of venue, pace and atmosphere. 

Although for anyone who was not in London on the 18th of September,  let me inform you that it was pouring down with rain for most of the day, so wearing open toe sandals was FUN! Though saying that, I really do love this outfit because it is so put together and fun. I mean no-one can say I am not a fashion student in this ootd! In addition the skirt was a birthday present from my sister, so I felt extra special day one. 

Shows/Presentations visited on day one were: Hasan Hejazi, Ong-Oaj Pairam, Clio Peppiatt and Ashley Isham.

Earrings - ASOS//Cream longline jacket- Boohoo// Polo neck - ASOS Mens//
Jeans - Zara// Beige bag - Primark 

Day two - I woke up feeling not so good and even though my sandals are comfortable, they do start to hurt after all the LFW shenanigans. Hence why, on day two I opted for a comfortable and chic outfit, that was perfect for moving around on my feet, yet chic enough to feel comfortable in at shows.

Shows/Presentations visited on day two were: Asli Polat, the press breakfast for Hema Kaul, James Kelly, Maral Yazarloo and Fashion International London Fashion Week.

Leather jacket - F&F// Cream polo neck - New Look// Blue drop hem pleated dress - ASOS//
Metallic pointed shoes - Dorothy Perkins// Orange Bag - ASOS

Day three - This day I felt a like I had to up my game because I slacked the day before which is why I decided to wear this gorgeous drop hem pleated dress, that I bought a couple months ago but had not found the perfect occasion to wear it! So thank you LFW.

Shows/Presentations visited on day three were: Bloggers afternoon tea by Asoni Haus x Avante Premiere, Charlie Cohen, Ethologie by Jasper Garvida and the Asoni Haus x Avante Premiere cocktail party.

Cream knitted jumper - Choies// Burnt orange wrap bodycon -

Day four - Was a more chilled out day, hence the glass of wine, ha! I only had two engagements to go to, which is why I looked so relaxed.

Shows/Presentations visited on day four were: Sophie Cameron Davies (at Scoop) and the Hans Feurer 'Exposure' VIP private preview.

Green bomber - New Look Mens// Black v-neck knitted split dress - F&F//
Orange belt - ASOS //Beige bag - Primark 

Day five - The last day sadly. 

Shows/Presentations visited on day five were: Felicities PR showroom open day for buyers and press, Marko Mitanovski and Belgrade Fashion Week.

A little side note - During the few seasons I have had the opportunity of attending, I have always insisted and saved to buy new outfits or luckily get sent some pieces to wear. However this season I wanted to be a little more eco and use some of the clothes I already own. I am by no means saying this will happen every season but is has made me appreciate buying versatile pieces; plus made my bank account happy!
Until next time lovelies,

Joe Brown's bloggers event

Hello lovelies,

I hope you are well. A little ago the lovely Emily from Joe Brown , contacted me in regard to hosting their first ever bloggers event, which of course I had to attend as I love finding new brands and could not resist the chance of a mini reunion with some of my blogging chums.

Unfortunately because the bar was so dark and my camera has a slow shutter speed (I definitely need a new upgrade soon!) the photographs below were the only ones I could capture that were not incredibly blurry. However their website is jam-packed with their new season collection.

Back to the evening, it was really nice to see that the event had such a big turnout as I know the Joe Brown team have been working hard and by having it conveniently in Bar Soho meant that you could have a cheeky drink or two and watch the causal and super versatile pieces come down the make-shift runway.

All in all it was a great night as it was not only a insightful event learning more about the brand but also a networking or for me a catch-up evening, allowing me to some of my favourite bloggers and friends before fashion week!

Thank you for the invite Emily + the Joe Brown team.
Until next time lovelies,