Monday, 19 January 2015

Agua Nacida private viewing

Hello lovelies,

On Thursday I had the opportunity to attend the Agua Nacida exhibition by the highly-talented and respected Hugh Arnold. Which was really exciting for me personally because I had a chance to research some of Arnold's past work prior to the exhibition and I absolutely loved it!

I think it is not only the skill that Arnold possesses, but also the lengths he goes to capture that one amazing shot; that as an onlooker is sheer brilliance. Also while walking around and talking to various people at the viewing, I got a sense that Arnold is not only an amazing Creative but also a genuinely lovely guy.

My thoughts on the exhibit - The shots present nudity in a tasteful way, portraying the female models as being beautiful mermaid figures; with a light and weightless feel. The style I would say is sensual with a twist and the types of shots make me feel like I am in a submarine submersed into the ocean as the coloured photographs are so vivid and rich in colour; which I literally can't put into words how beautiful they look in person! Although I must say I do love the black and white shots over the coloured; just because they remind me of Lana Del Rey's 'Blue Jeans' video.

The moment you submerge yourself in water, no matter who you are, the ego disappears and you touch the true essence of your nature. It's like going back to the beginning, being reborn.'  - Hugh Arnold

I am also glad to say that this exhibit is open until 14th of February, so there is no excuse not to visit Mead Carney gallery to go and see this beautifully shot exhibit.

Have a lovely week.
Until next time,

Thursday, 15 January 2015

'Mr Detective Man' at Mead Carney Gallery

Hello lovelies,

Happy new year! This is my first post of the year and what an amazing one to start with. As you know, I absolutely love photography and I adore David Gandy and with the help of the talented Rich Hardcastle, 'Mr Detective Man' combines the two - so what's not to love!

The exhibition was held in the intimate and chic Mead Carney gallery  in Green Park. Which to my sister and I surprise is really close to where she works and where we usually hang-out. So I think I will definitely be visiting MC soon!

While walking through the exhibition I realised how amazing Rich Hardcastle's style of photography is, his talent to capture the moment and really tell the story in one single photograph is just beautiful. And of course I loved every shot because Gandy is the perfect model and actor for the role.

<p><strong>Rich Hardcastle</strong><br /><i>(Titles) - Mr Detective Man</i><span>, 2014</span></p>

This shot reminds me of a classic M&S campaign, that I could easy see on billboards all around the UK. Also I am not too sure if you noticed the star embedded in Gandy's skin? - Very clever symbolism.

<p><b>Rich Hardcastle</b><br /><i>(Patch Up) - Sickness And Wealth</i><span>, 2014</span></p>
 (Patch up) - Sickness and Wealth
I love how each photo has a deeper meaning and at first glance of this particular photograph, I immediately thought of the BBC drama 'Crimson Field'. However looking more closely I noticed the glass of alcohol (I presume) and the Krispy Kreme sign at the back; connoting a capitalism perhaps?

<p><b>Rich Hardcastle</b><br /><i>(Autopsy) - Grin And Bear It</i><span>, 2014</span></p>
(Autopsy) - Grin and Bear It
At first glance, I laughed at this photo as the first thing I noticed was a teddy bear on the table, with a cup on the side and a 'doctor' eating a sandwich! I mean this shot has to be a spoof of 'Spooks' or some other show TV crime drama right? (Also I love Gandy's stance, I am not too sure how he kept a straight and serious face but however he did, it definitely made a hell of a picture!)

"Rich Hardcastle brings excitement back into photography. His ideas are truly inspiring
           You never quite know exactly what mad idea he has planned until you get to the shoot. 
He's a true creative, a true artist."
- David Gandy

<p><b>Rich Hardcastle</b></p><p><i>(Evidence) - The Answers Lie Within,</i> 2014</p>
How beautiful is this shot! I am just in love. It is so relaxed yet stylised - just perfect!

<p><b>Rich Hardcastle</b><br /><i>(Raid) - The Cotton Wool Kid</i><span>, 2014</span></p>
This shot is so cute and I just love this, I mean this could definitely turn into a joke. How many grown men does it
take to control a child?

<p><b>Rich Hardcastle</b><br /><i>(Inevitable Death) - Grief Is The Echo Of Love</i><span>, 2014</span></p>

Yet again, another beautifully mediated shot!

<p><b>Rich Hardcastle</b><br /><i>(Deadline) - Tempers Fudge It</i><span>, 2014</span></p>
(Deadline) - Tempers Fudge It
This is another photography that is so powerful beyond words itself. I know everyone will have different perspectives of this picture but I think (in short) that it is about not having enough time (hence the clock on his right arm) and being hung out to dry.

<p><b>Rich Hardcastle</b><br /><i>(Finale) - Playing (Video) Games With Our Future</i><span>, 2014</span></p>

(Finale) - Games with Real World Consequences
This was the final photography we saw and my sister and I decided this shot is our favourite - we have already planned where this picture would go in our house; if you were wondering it would be hung in our living room! I love this shot because it reminds me of one of my favourite characters, Luther and just like Gandy I believe Idris has a captivating and sophisticated charm. I also love how the building are turned upside down - a very nice touch!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures, as much as my sister and I did.
Unfortunately the exhibition is closed but you can see the rest of the photographs on their website.
Until next time lovelies,