Monday, 19 January 2015

Agua Nacida private viewing

Hello lovelies,

On Thursday I had the opportunity to attend the Agua Nacida exhibition by the highly-talented and respected Hugh Arnold. Which was really exciting for me personally because I had a chance to research some of Arnold's past work prior to the exhibition and I absolutely loved it!

I think it is not only the skill that Arnold possesses, but also the lengths he goes to capture that one amazing shot; that as an onlooker is sheer brilliance. Also while walking around and talking to various people at the viewing, I got a sense that Arnold is not only an amazing Creative but also a genuinely lovely guy.

My thoughts on the exhibit - The shots present nudity in a tasteful way, portraying the female models as being beautiful mermaid figures; with a light and weightless feel. The style I would say is sensual with a twist and the types of shots make me feel like I am in a submarine submersed into the ocean as the coloured photographs are so vivid and rich in colour; which I literally can't put into words how beautiful they look in person! Although I must say I do love the black and white shots over the coloured; just because they remind me of Lana Del Rey's 'Blue Jeans' video.

The moment you submerge yourself in water, no matter who you are, the ego disappears and you touch the true essence of your nature. It's like going back to the beginning, being reborn.'  - Hugh Arnold

I am also glad to say that this exhibit is open until 14th of February, so there is no excuse not to visit Mead Carney gallery to go and see this beautifully shot exhibit.

Have a lovely week.
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