Friday, 24 April 2015

Brightlight PR press day

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I hope you are all well! As you know it is press day season when companies and PR companies team up to showcase all the new and exclusive pieces that will be hitting stores and websites near YOU! And fortunately for you and I, we via this blog can divulge into a world of gems - which I am always excited about! 

I also find it so interesting to see how a brand develops and thrives each season and whilst I perused the showroom I had a sense of familiarity and calm. Which is really lovely, as in this industry companies can move or change its brand identity but it is so nice to see consistency in an agency and a company.

A special thanks to Sally who invited me to yet another lovely clothes filled day, at The Westbury Hotel for Brightlight PR press day! 

One of my favourite jumpers!

I could this in all these pieces!


Leather Jacket - F&F
Dress - H&M
Bracelet - Anna Lou of London
Boots - Missguided

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Creative Moments: Negarin London (LFW edition)

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When I started interviewing individuals for my blog, I found my passion for getting to know a person and then sharing their individual story or career fascinating because it was also something I loved reading or watching. However the more Creatives I interviewed, the more I found myself astonished by how much someone can fit into one life.

During LFW I had the opportunity to interview the highly talented Negarin at Somerset House, in preparation for her launch in LA! This interview in particular, is one of my highlights of my LFW experience because I realised how far I have come as a journalist.

Interviewing Negarin was a pleasure, as she is such a lovely and inspiration woman with impeccable taste! I also have to say a big thank you to Sally from Mercer Keeble PR for arranging this meeting for me.

How are you today?
I am good, how are you?

I am well, thank you. Tell me a bit about your background? Have you always been interested in fashion?
That is good question. My background is architecture – painting and sculpting. I worked at Donna Karen in Benetton for shoe design and collection management. I also studied economics, which is quite far from fashion. However I knew I would be in fashion forever after my time at Donna Karen. And since then I never left the industry.

How did you get the job at Donna Karen?
At the time the VP of Donna Karen went to my university where I graduated from. So I got in touch with VP and sent over my portfolio and then I got invited for an interview. So that is how I got the job!

What experience did you attain?
It was really interesting, Donna wasn’t there at that point because it was recent and she is not as involved as she used to be. It was really inspiration I worked with some really great people. My boss ended up launching his own company, which is doing really really well. It was a very creative environment and a lot more old-fashioned than people think. So everything is still done by hand and which is more than people assume because usually everything is done on computers but this is a fashion house that is still quite old school in the execution.

Who are you muses in fashion and in life?
I really like Blake Lively as a person of interest. She is a combination of young, beautiful, fresh and sexy.

I really like Emma Watson. I would love to dress her even though she is a bit more minimal than our brand but I think some of her architectural pieces will do really well on her.

On people I look up to, I would say some of the designers that have really worked their way up in their current vision that took up to 20-30 years because I think once you have spent that much time on your vision; it is just more sustainable. I think after all that experience your goals are more sustainable and you will have a vision that is not exactly trend based but it is a vision that is independent on its own and has a future that is sustainable forever.

For example looking at Marni, who I would say is my inspiration brand for all times, I think what Consuelo has done amazing with it. It is amazing because she never done anything like that before with little experience in fashion and she has just done it brilliantly. No matter what the trend is, this brand always represents the same vision and has the same distinctive cliental and I think that really is the success to fashion. Keeping it really sustainable and she hasn’t tried to keep up with the high pace drop offs, which I think a lot of brands have been doing at the moment. Which is again not sustainable. So I would say she is probably my muse.

What you would be career path be, if you were not a designer?
It would probably be in interior design.

Who is your primary demographic?
She is between 35-45. She is definitely a woman of the city who travels a lot. We have a lot of pieces that are trans-seasonal and that is the whole point of them, so that is can supply the women of today with four different weather conditions as she is travelling through them.

Very busy, successful, 35-45 with a decent salary of around £45,000+ a year. She is confident and loves to stand out because all of our collection is quite colourful.

Looking through your lookbook it is apparent that you new collection is perfect for the ‘every woman’, from the sporty to the bohemian. What that an aspect which was intentional or by accident?
I think it was definitely important, as today was all about styling and it was very important, as the consumer has become very aware of that. After doing my own collections, I have been asked several times to do styling because people have seen what I have done with my own clothes. And I think it is because what we end up producing in the lookbook is different to what we designed and I think you need to portray that. I think people need to understand that you can do so much with styling and you can replicate it with so many things that they have in their closet. Which can suit their style, even if this dress maybe a bit too minimal for them. And that is can be their style is they just style it the right way.

What is the key piece in your latest collection?
I would say that striped dress in the front, we have gone a bit more elegant and fancy this winter than our spring collection. Our spring collections are more causal than winter. I just think going in the market and trying to find an elegant dress, is really difficult and you either find these boring work dress or you find the gowns.

So for me this is really an important piece because it embodies everything we try to follow, which is really luxurious fabric. For example it is 30% silk, 70% wool and there is nothing chemical in there. Which is amazing because it looks so technically complicated. It is produced in Italy, it is breathable and it is really special. So I think that and the meeting with elegance and yet a bit casual because of the melange of the grey. I think it turns out that is it just what we stand for.

I love the young fresh aspect of the collection, what inspired you to use so much colour?
I mean that is just part of the brands DNA, like I said our customers are very confident and they really want to stand out. So I think that with the brands DNA being colour, without that we would lose one of our major DNA’s. And I feel like in cities like this especially, we need some people to be wearing less black. And as we are promoters of that we have introduced coloured leather because people love leather jackets but it is always black. When really the green is just as beautiful. So we are really trying to push the market, so that we can have this open mind on colours.

How much does each piece retail for?
Average is from £200 - £500.

Where can we find this current collection?
You can buy it online at Negarin,  Apple (Online), Cavan (Online), Curate 8(Online), Rtister (Online), Donna Ida, Number 13, Pasha, Square, Viola.

Would you ever branch out into Menswear?
Not now, we are going to branch out more aggressively into leather goods.

What advice would you give to aspiring fashion designers?
Test a market and focus on one market before you go international. Whether that will be Japan, China or wherever. I would also say focus on one product than many.

What can we expect for 2015?

We are going to open a store in L.A next season, where we will have our own stand-alone retail space.

(Photographs were taken by friend Aiste)

I hope you enjoyed this interview lovelies,
until next time,

LFW Outfits

Hi lovelies,

During LFW I had the opportunity to go to a few shows but I was also working on some assignments for uni! So the outfits I wore had a dual purpose of being comfortable but also pretty enough to go to shows and approach people in. Unfortunately because I was so busy I could not take pictures of every single outfit I wore but here are a few that my lovely friend Aiste and some other took.

As you can tell I was going for a retro vibe - which I think I pulled off while still being me.


Coat - Oasis
Dress - ASOS
Shoes - ASOS
Bag - ASOS

Dress - ASOS
Shoes - New Look
Necklace - Marc Cain

Leather Jacket - F&F
Dress - ASOS
Shirt - Ralph Lauren
Necklace - Marc Cain
Hat - H&M