Friday, 24 April 2015

Brightlight PR press day

Hi lovelies,

I hope you are all well! As you know it is press day season when companies and PR companies team up to showcase all the new and exclusive pieces that will be hitting stores and websites near YOU! And fortunately for you and I, we via this blog can divulge into a world of gems - which I am always excited about! 

I also find it so interesting to see how a brand develops and thrives each season and whilst I perused the showroom I had a sense of familiarity and calm. Which is really lovely, as in this industry companies can move or change its brand identity but it is so nice to see consistency in an agency and a company.

A special thanks to Sally who invited me to yet another lovely clothes filled day, at The Westbury Hotel for Brightlight PR press day! 

One of my favourite jumpers!

I could this in all these pieces!


Leather Jacket - F&F
Dress - H&M
Bracelet - Anna Lou of London
Boots - Missguided

                                                           Until next time lovelies,

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