Saturday, 18 April 2015

Ethlogie London 15' (LFW)

Hi lovelies,

Where do I start with Ethlogie?! Gold, leather and feathers describes the collection pretty well. I think out of all the shows I went to, I absolutely fell head-over-heels for Ethlogie because I feel it is just so ME!

During the catwalk show, I kept thinking I would spot something that I didn't particular favour because to love every outfit is a bit strange, but in fact everything I saw I liked if not loved! Each piece is fun, young and chic with a big spoonful of retro, which was my running theme for my LFW outfits and come to think of it I think for most of my 2015 purchases.

After leaving the show and even now as I am writing this post, I have so many style/outfits ideas to really shake up and interchange my current wardrobe; to adapt it to my ever changing style - so hopefully with a bit of luck you will see yet another style transformation.

I am so glad I got to witness the beauty which is Ethlogie and I cannot wait to see how the brand and collection blossom!
I hope you enjoyed this post lovelies. 
Until next time,

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