Saturday, 18 April 2015

Little Shilpa 15' (LFW)

Hi lovelies,

I hope you are well! During LFW I got the opportunity to be invited back to Hotel Me London for their annual installations and fashion shows put on by the ever-so friendly Felicities PR ! I was so ecstatic for my second LFW experience because of the sheer fact that the first one was so much fun. Which is why I had bought and planned my outfits in advance, for this very occasion (which I will be showcasing in a separate LFW outfit post!).

Back to Little Shilpa, what you will be able to notice pretty early on when looking at the photographs below are the explosion of colour, personality and buzz around this particular label. Everyone in the room including me were pleasantly surprised and enticed visually, by the attention to detail, structure and imagination that had been put into the latest collection.

Each piece is individual, interesting and a work of art. And even though the pieces are not exactly ready-to-wear and they do take a certain brave person to pull off these avant-garde gems I love it! I appreciate and can understand the level of creativity it must take to continuously churn out new and innovative designs in this vast and plentiful industry; which is why I would happily attend another installation by Little Shilpa even if it is a bit on the kooky side - as you definitely know it will be interesting!

I hope you enjoyed this post,
until next time lovelies.

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