Saturday, 18 April 2015

Pavane London 15' (LFW)

Hi lovelies,

On first glance Pavane London may look similar to a brand that you may have seen before with their safe earthy use of colours and fabrics but what I think sets PL apart from their competitors are the little touches e.g. the length of the pieces, the structure of the coats and ironically the nostalgia aspect of the collection.

Also nothing screams A/W like brown, green and black (the colour of trees and leaves). I can definitely see this collection retailing in department stores and even having a store in London and NYC, as it has a fashionable working woman on the move vibe about it! I also like how each outfit is perfect for a different occasion and even though I don't think some of the pieces would look good on me personally, I can appreciate that it could work for most women.

Until next time lovelies,

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