Sunday, 3 May 2015

Holster Australia

Hi lovelies,

I hope you are all well. Today's post is a little different from any I have done before, as it is an unboxing/info pre-review. Last week while at the last Task PR press day, the lovely team gave me a pair of Holster sandal from their latest collection - which I love!

I have to be honest I usually do not go for sandals with a t-bar because I just find after wearing it for a  couple of hours it starts to feel uncomfortable. However I was fortunately enough to be given a pair of Holster's last season by Task which I wore a little inside (as it wasn't warm enough) and they were actually incredibly comfortable, fit perfectly and are eco friendly - I mean what is not to like!

Btw I did try these on and re-wrapped the sandals but originally they were packed lovely!

A few things you should know about Holster's: they are a proud Australian brand with ethic who are trying to reduce carbon footprints, the jellies used for their sandals are all non-toxic, each piece in their collection is designed to mould and support the beds of a foot and each sandal is easy to clean with warm water, soap and a soft cloth!

I actually cannot wait to wear my two types of Holster's in the summer. 

Until next time lovelies,

CiCi PR's press day

Hi lovelies,

Last week I attended Cici PR's press day at the gorgeous W hotel in Leicester Sq and it was quite an experience, to say the least. I got bit a little lost on where in the hotel it actually was as the directions were a little vague however as soon as I got there it was lovely!

 I was introduced to new brands, designers and even spotted Tiff from MIC! In comparison to other press days, Cici's does have  a smaller collection of brand but saying that, they have a wide variety to offer; from beauty, socks and beachwear the company appeal to a wide audience. 


How pretty is this one!
If you are feeling tropical.

I love how each item is hand drawn by the owner and I mean how you not feel like you run the world in these sexy little gems!

My ootd (having to resort to a mirror selfie in a fancy gold mirrored bathroom which is beautifully lit!)

Jacket - F&F // Necklace - Marc Cain // Polo neck - ASOS Mens // Leggings - Zara// Shoes - New Look // Bag - ASOS 
Until next time loves,

Task PR's press day

Hi lovelies,

I hope you are well! This post marks a seasonal tradition that has become accustom to my blog. Last week I visited Task PR's press day, which I am always excited to about as on arrival, I always feels sense of home. I am not particularly sure if it is because I have familiar with the lovely team, the brand or layout but for some reason I always feel a calm when when I am at their office on Great Titchfield Street.

In hindsight I would definitely say, this is one of my favourite press days as every collection had a piece/s that I liked but mostly loved (visit my instagram too see) because I can appreciate and spot the subtle differences in each new collections.

I also attend with my darling friend Aiste, who yet again photographed me and the clothes.

How adorable are these!

I love this scarf, so festive yet can be worn during the colder months.

How amazing is it that Cosmo is introducing their own eyewear collab! It will enhance the fashion writer in me ;)



The lovely Victoire and I.
Aiste showing her skills. 
I can never resist trying on Marc Cain!
This piece so soft and warm, perfect for the cooler months.

Excuse the face, I love this gorgeous coat!!

A little Menswear section because I am not sexist and I actually fell in love with the colours, tailoring and layers!

I love this suede jacket.

I am been really trying to be healthy these days, by doing more exercise, walking even more and trying to eat right. I am not saying I am perfect (actually I am admitting I am not) but the activewear section definitely gave me fitspo and I mean how could it not, just look at it! 

If you love sleepwear, you will love YAWN - yes what a perfect name for a nightwear brand and I can finally say how soft the fabric is. I was definitely very tempted to try some of their new collections pieces, as I know it would be so comfortable and warm; not to mention how adorable I would look. 

ps. if you haven't seen my YAWN feature, you can now here.

Until next time lovelies,