Sunday, 3 May 2015

Holster Australia

Hi lovelies,

I hope you are all well. Today's post is a little different from any I have done before, as it is an unboxing/info pre-review. Last week while at the last Task PR press day, the lovely team gave me a pair of Holster sandal from their latest collection - which I love!

I have to be honest I usually do not go for sandals with a t-bar because I just find after wearing it for a  couple of hours it starts to feel uncomfortable. However I was fortunately enough to be given a pair of Holster's last season by Task which I wore a little inside (as it wasn't warm enough) and they were actually incredibly comfortable, fit perfectly and are eco friendly - I mean what is not to like!

Btw I did try these on and re-wrapped the sandals but originally they were packed lovely!

A few things you should know about Holster's: they are a proud Australian brand with ethic who are trying to reduce carbon footprints, the jellies used for their sandals are all non-toxic, each piece in their collection is designed to mould and support the beds of a foot and each sandal is easy to clean with warm water, soap and a soft cloth!

I actually cannot wait to wear my two types of Holster's in the summer. 

Until next time lovelies,

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