Saturday, 18 July 2015

'City of Lights' exhibition

Hello lovelies,

Recently I ventured out from the cocoon of my bed and house to visit a really interesting exhibition. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you may have noticed that I really like to visit places and see thing that maybe out of my comfort zone or that I am not familiar with - as I believe this is the only way you will grow as a person and be able to broaden your horizons.

The exhibition I visited was the 'City of Lights' exhibit at the Lights of Soho gallery on Brewer Street. I have to be completely honest I didn't hunt and fish for this exhibit but instead it came to me via a lovely email sent by a lady called Sophie. I usually get sent a various array of things but for some reason (that you will see below) I was instantly attracted to this particular exhibit, just like a moth to a flame (pun intended!). Which is why on a sunny London day, my illustrator friend Holly and I, took a trip the exhibition to see what all the hype was about.

In conclusion, we were not disappointed. It was a really interesting gallery and space for not only art but also for a drink or two ;) .

Until next time lovelies,

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