Saturday, 18 July 2015

The Greenery ootd

Hello lovelies,

In my last post you read about my experience at the 'City of Lights' exhibit and this post will be the ootd that went with it, as I felt it would be more practical to split the post because I have not done a single post dedication the an ootd in a while.

So a little background on my outfit, I have been brought up in colour and white and this is a perfect representation of my grown up but still resembling my youth and age. My green bomber is an item you are no stranger to and it is from New Look (Mens), my gorgeous and simple dress is from Boohoo and the beautiful shoes are from Dorothy Perkins sale - believe it or not! They are a new purchase (and not the only one, that post is to come) and I am just transfixed with them although I must warn that I am wearing my shoe sizers and blister plasters inside then, as new shoes are not always the best to wear for long periods of time; even if they are flat.

Until next time lovelies,

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