Sunday, 16 August 2015

Feeling stuck in a rut and finding solace in a hidden gem!

Hello lovelies,

I hope you are all well! Recently I have felt uninspired and I have not made it a secret - if you follow me on Twitter or are in regular contact with me, you may already be aware of this. And as I am trying to make my blog more relatable and personal, I thought this post would be a good way to share how I am feeling. As while I am writing this, I am still unfortunately enduring it.

This summer break has really been a learning experience for me, as the break off university has given me time to think and think and think. Which has actually driven me mad, to be completely honest with you. As usually I am comfortable with my thoughts but recently, I have seemed to over think about my career and future, in close detail. Which is quite tiring because I feel a bit like a broken record when I talk to my friends about this.   

Also I hate to say it but as over-used as it may sound, writing in any respect is quite isolating, as I think most writer's will agree, that you can be inspired surrounded by various noises, people and things but when it comes down to it, you feel truly concentrated when you are alone. And there is nothing wrong with that, unless you have writer's block and every time you get your laptop or pen and paper out, you find yourself staring into space or going completely blank; like a higher force has taken control of your brain or someone has literally tipped out the entire content of your head and has left you with an empty shell where your brain used to be.

So if you are like me, a worrier who likes to plan everything and feels uneasy when she has to stop or when she is not busy and who gets irritated by staying in the house for a minimum two days. Then breathe, get out of bed or the sofa, get some tea and then head out. It does not have to be anywhere fancy in fact, it should be somewhere new or calm.

I find that when I feel like this, it is good for me to go out and get some fresh air (well as fresh as the air is in London!). And because I have been watching a truckload of travel videos and vlogs, I decided to bring my camera with me and take some pictures.

When you feel this way, it is important to try and remember that this feeling is not going to last forever and that people way before you, have thought the same thoughts. So don't think you are alone because your not. When feeling like this, why not do things that inspire you.

In my case it is exploring, I have always been adventurous and curious about things, not the in camping/hiking sense (even though I am trying to get into that) but in the I-cannot-wait-to-explore-my-surroundings type of way. I feel like life is way too short to be sitting around, and while you can why not do things out of your comfort zone and visit as many places as you can. And there is literally no excuse if they are close to where you live. Which is why, a couple of days ago, I fled from the warm cocoon of my house and decided to discover something new for an afternoon.

I did not have a plan or a map, just a memory of a place, that I had seen when I was on a particular route. I fondly remember every time I passed it I thinking 'the next time I am free, I have to come back here' but over time I never did. So when wracking my brain on where to go to feel peace (as my usual calming place, my local park just didn't have the same affect on me) I remembered this place. This hidden gem, that had this incredible view.

I cannot put into words, how calming it was to be able to find a place that is so close to me and in London that is calm and utterly beautiful. And now I have visited it, I am definitely going to go there more often; so expect to see some more cheeky Instagram posts ;)

So if I can do it, you definitely can. If you are lucky enough to live near the beach or the coast, why not go and explore it. Or if you are like me who lives in the city, why not visit walk around your local park or neighbouring town and explore. Although I would advise charging your phone - just incase you get lost. Happy exploring!

Until next time lovelies,

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