Thursday, 20 August 2015

Kings of Past private preview evening

Hi lovelies,

I hope you are well! A couple of weeks ago, I attended Asoni Haus Kings of Past private preview evening, in the heart of London at the Library Club. As a daily spectacles wearer I thought it would be really interesting event to attend, as I love sunglasses but can never find sunglasses that fit my small shaped head!

Also it was a good excuse to window shop, have a good old catch-up with Kinga and Liam who also attended the event and finally meet the bubbly and gorgeous Ingrid! Not to mention having a few cheeky drinks, all in the name of networking ;)

All in all, I feel it was a lovely evening, as the more events I attend and paired with how much I have matured. I really do believe that calm, relaxed events are much more appealing than busy and packed ones - except for at fashion week, ha!

All jokes aside though, I really do love Kings of Past eyewear as they are most one off vintage pieces that can suit a wide range tastes, styles and face structures. Also while I was there, I found out how extensive and precise the search for the perfect sunglasses are; and also the lengths that KoP go to, to provide there clients with what they request.

So I cannot stress enough how customer led and dedicated the KoP team are, which is why you should not take my word for it but actually try them out, as they are ever so friendly and have a wide range of brands to choose from.

Until next time lovelies,

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