Saturday, 22 August 2015

#ScentedSongs at Gorilla Perfume Islington

Hello lovelies,

The on the thursday just pasted, I attended one of the daily #ScentedSongs at the quirky and cosy Lush Gorilla store in Islington. Upon arrival I was really excited to go to the intimate live session because it was a nice way to catch up with Lew and Liam (who invited me) and also to hear the gorgeous Rothwell sing! 

I do not know about you but I love going to smaller shops sometimes because the service is better but also because it is nice not to feel bombarded, by so various items surrounding you. So if you are like me,  then you will love Gorilla as it has unique and stocked with one-of a kind fragrances that are only distributed in the Islington branch; which I think has a lovely personalised quality.

Onto Rothwell, I don't know what I can say about her. Words cannot describe how soulful and round her voice is. She has a warm and nostalgic quality when she sings, her originally wrote songs that is truly powerful. I love how in certain songs, she is not afraid to belt out a highly controlled yet raspy sound. Also after talking to her after the sessions, I can confirm that she is genuinely lovely and down to earth girl, on and off stage.

Rothwell's music is pure bliss so definitely go and listen to her music and follow her on everything because I have a feeling she may blow up pretty soon!

Another reason to pop by to Gorilla's #ScentedSongs is the unique idea of combining music with fragrances, as every song performed was accompanied by a different scent and other hidden surprises i.e. bubbles, cold beverages, pieces of chocolates and even lollipops!

So if you are ever in the area, why not pop into Gorilla Islington (3 Camden Passage
London N1 8EA) and while you are there why not have a wonder, as there are so many cute little shops around. 
Until next time lovelies,

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