Thursday, 1 October 2015

Felicities PR showroom open day

Hello lovelies,

During London Fashion Week,  Felicities PR (a pr company, you are very much familiar with if you are a regular reader of my blog during fashion week) were holding a press and buyers open day at their showroom. Which is the perfect time to attain extra information on the brands they look after or the get a chance to feel and in my case take close-up photographs of each piece (for example this).

Showrooms always have a different feel to shows, as it is more relaxed and feels rather intimate and special for me, as it taps into my inner child who loves being surrounded by beautiful clothes. So to be able to go into different showrooms and preview the next season's collection, makes me a very happy girl.

I am just so glad that everything fell into place this season and I got a chance to visit Felicities' showroom, as I do have a soft spot for the fashion clients Felicities represent. I mean what is not to love about Charlie Cohen or Ethologie by Jasper Garvida , for example! Also I have an eye on a few pieces and a few new clients, so I cannot wait to see how there grow and expand their brand.

I hope you enjoyed this post lovelies,
Until next time.

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