Thursday, 1 October 2015

Hans Feurer 'Exposure' VIP private preview

Vogue Paris 2011, 2011
Hello lovelies,

I hope you are all well.  On the 21 of September I had the pleasure of attending yet another private  soiree at the Mead Carney's studio. This time being the 'Exposure' by the highly talented Hans Feurer. As soon as I received the email,  I knew that this particular exhibit could not be missed and that I had to see these photographs in reality.

I think what captivated me to Hans' work is the vivid colours and the interesting ways he captures the human body. In each photograph you really feel like emotion and raw intensity, which is such a difficult but yet amazing emotion to stir up in a spectator.

On the night, I was overwhelmed with how many people came out to support Hans'. The gallery was full,  for the whole duration I was there. Although with good wine, company and beautiful pieces of art to look at - I do not blame them!

When reflecting on the exhibit, that is an assortment of Hans' work over the years, I feel it not only shows how talented Hans' is but also how there is an underline pattern in all his work. And also how you can find beauty can stem from the simplest things ... oh and less is definitely more!

Before I left, I was lucky enough to not only see Hans' interacting with others but also commend him on a wonderful display and after our brief encounter. I can understand why he captures such beautiful shots because he is such a warm and charming who can make anyone feel comfortable.

Pentax Calendar 1976 11, 1976

Pentax Calendar 1976 111, 1976

Pentax Calendar 1976 1V, 1976
"I don't do sterile, formal pictures" - Hans Feurer

Stern Magazine 1974 11, 1974

Vogue Russia 2014, 2014

Vogue Paris 2012, 2012
"Fashion has always fascinated me and I've always tried to understand the dream behind the images - and these photographs are kind of dream projections, you know? Of what one could be, of where one's desires might lead you." - Hans Feurer 

Poster for Chesterfield Stockings, 1975

Stern Magazine 1974 1, 1974

Until next time lovelies,

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