Thursday, 1 October 2015

Louis Vuitton Series 3 exhibition

Hello lovelies,

During fashion week, I found myself having some spare time in between shows, so what is a girl to do? Go to the Louis Vuitton Series 3 exhibition, duh! What better way to fill my time and give me a breather between waiting in lines and dashing between gorgeous ss16 shows, than seeing beautifully created pieces throughout history.

Verdict - I really enjoyed the exhibition .  Although I wish I had more time to stand, take in and appreciate all the components that made the exhibit but as I was pushed for time, I couldn't fully enjoy it. Even though I am glad that my lovely friend Annabelle invited me along with her to visit it. 

As it is an exhibit that is much better shared and enjoyed than by yourself because of the many talking points that the various floors have to offer. Such as watching a skilled bag maker create an iconic bag, become informed about the wonders of Louis Vuitton and take away a lovely poster. 

So I would definitely recommend going if you are a lover of fashion or looking for something to do in London!

Until next time lovelies,

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