Friday, 9 September 2016

Everything 5 Pounds Collaboration - Pt 2

Hello lovelies,

Continuing onto my second piece, that I was kindly gifted by affordable fashion brand, Everything 5 Pounds is this gorgeous black bodycon peplum skirt (in size 8).

When looking on their website, I decided on this skirt for the sheer fact that is was a sexy yet fun piece that I could see fitting seamlessly into my wardrobe, on days when I want to change for dresses. And honestly, this skirt is in an uber comfortable stretchy material, that is thick enough to smooth over your potential lumps and bump - without making you feel restricted or corseted in.

For both looks, I shots them in what seemed like the hottest summer day in London and my verdict is that the skirt is easy to wear in any weather; paired with high stilettos or feminine flats. Whereas the dress in the previous post is a little thinker but would be ideal for tights and boots weather.

Outfit details -
Crop top - H&M
Skirt - Everything 5 Pounds
Shoes - Ebay

I have to give a big thank you to Everything 5 Pounds for gifting me the two pieces and Nicola Harvey for photographs. 

Thanks for reading lovelies,

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Everything 5 Pounds Collaboration - Pt 1

Hello lovelies,

Since discovering Everything 5 Pound I have been obsessed. Not just because of the price (as I favour quality and style, over quantity) but because I am certain, after endlessly looking through various pages, I am certain that I WILL find a hidden gem.

Hence why, I jumped at the chance to collaborate with them, by review two of their ultra feminine pieces. I decided to choose the black bodycon peplum-hem skirt, as admittedly I have never owned such a pretty skirt and this adorable geometric dress.

My first choice was this gorgeous multi-coloured shift dress because it reminded of something that a boho babe would wear in the 70s, with the fusion of the Indian and African inspired geometric colours and patterns.

Just to note, this dress is a little thick in fabric, so it is ideal for the trans-seasonal period of autumn or spring (and not for the summer, when I shot this look ha!).  Though the fabric is a positive, as I feel extremely comfortable in it and I love the zip-front detailing, adding an extra touch to an effortless piece.

The gorgeous photographs are by Nicola Harvey.

Thanks for reading lovelies,

Friday, 24 June 2016

Farfetch's Saint Laurent Style Challenge Pt. 3: Take Me To Lunch

 Hello lovelies,

Unfortunately this is concludes the trio of ensembles I created for Farfetch's Saint Laurent Monogram Universitbag and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed created, posing and writing this post. Thank you so much to Laurren, the Farfetch team, Task PR and Mercer Keeble PR for loaning me a plethora of beautiful pieces! 

For the last ensemble, I choose this beautifully vibrant Joseph Ribkoff dress with my Public Desire sandals and PALA's sunglasses dark brown Amara. To be honest, the reason I didn't have a range of shots to post is because minutes after I changed in the last outfit, it started to pour it down! 

I guess what can I expect, it is typical for summertime in England!

Thank you so much Laurren!

Until next time lovelies,

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Farfetch's Saint Laurent Style Challenge Pt. 2: The Lady of Leisure

Hello lovelies,

Continuing from the last post, I decided pair Farfetch's beautiful black Saint Laurent Monogram Universitbag with a classic black mesh-sleeves Joseph Ribkoff dress and my simple black Public Desire sandals (which never seems to leave my feet!). 

However me being me, I decided not to stop at one look but instead style the outfit staples in two variations; to show how versatile the YSL bag and the Joseph Ribkoff combination really is. For the first look, I decided layer this 
gorgeous pink Marc Cain's single-breasted coat with PALA's black Asha tortoiseshell sunglasses; to create an effortless ensemble.

In contrast, for my second look which gives a new meaning to rock chick glam. I chose my trusty black leather jacket, to toughen up the all-black outfit whilst emphasising the beautiful fringing detail on the bag.

Look two 

Thanks for reading lovelies,
until next time,

Monday, 20 June 2016

Farfetch's Saint Laurent Style Challenge Pt.1: The Lady in Red

Hello lovelies,

Earlier this month, I received a dream come true email from the lovely Laurren at Farfetch, informing and inviting me to get involved with their Saint Laurent style challenge. The challenge entails styling a sleek black Saint Laurent Monogram Université shoulder bag, with one ootd look; but knowing me I decided to create three ensembles - yes I know I am diva!

Though I have to be honest and admit, even though I was so enthusiastic to get involved with this challenge, I was a little nervous that I wouldn't do the bag justice with my personal wardrobe section. Hence why, I decided to collaborate with Task PR to style two Joseph Ribkoff dresses and a Marc Cain coat, and Mercer Keeble PR to style PALA's pretty sunglasses; which will be published this week too.

The first ensemble I knew I had to style was this red floor length v-neck dress from Everything 5 pound because it a gorgeous colour and has show-stopping leg slits which I just adore! To complement the bag and dress, I chose my new grey Courtney platform heels from Ego, as I knew it would evaluate the look to another level.

Thank you Laurren and the Farfetch team again!

Until next time lovelies.

Monday, 13 June 2016

#BeachDayMusts with Adore Me

Hello lovelies,

Adore Me are currently running a #BeachDayMusts campaign and because I have never posted a beach day post (I know, I am just as surprised!) and it's coming to summer, I knew this would be the perfect post.

Personally I love going to the beach, as it has always been one of my happy places and I have nothing but happy memories there - even if one of them is not swimming! For me the beach is a place where I relax, unwind and eat fresh fish and chips, followed by ice cream - I mean what else are you meant to do?

Though all jokes aside, beach attire is serious business. I am always torn with what to wear every time I go to the beach, I usually wear a floaty mini dress or a crop with a skirt; as I don't usually feel comfortable enough frolic around in a sexy two-piece, even though I commend the gorgeous beach babes that have the confidence to do it!

Comfort for me comes first when I am dressing for the beach - as I never usually sunbath on the beach but instead I use the time for myself by reading a book or catch-up with friends and family; not to mention to take a break from technology.

So as beach days are amongst us, I thought I would share a few beach essentials that I have on hand - just incase (thank me later). 

Beach essentials

  • Beach towel or blanket - This is vital for laying on the beach, as you don't want to have to buy one for an extortionate price or risk getting too sand - or in our case feeling uncomfortable on pebbles.
  • Water - I never leave my house without a bottle of water, so when going to the beach,  this couldn't be any more imperative! 
  • Reading material - Why do you think so many books and films start with a person reading a book on the beach? This is because it is a really relaxing place to read (if empty). Plus if you are like me, you probably will need something to keep you awake! 
  • Sunglasses - An obvious one but now that I wear contacts, I cannot stress this enough. Plus, it can really make an outfit look so chic.
  • Sandals or flats - For comfort of course. I would choose a wedge or platform style sandal, such as my personalised Teva because they are ideal for long walk; as most beach towns have very pebbly roads. 
  • Sun protection - This is another obvious one but sun protection is so important to avoid skin cancer. 
  • Cooling spray - I recently received this in a press bag and it is literally so amazingly refreshing!
  • Mirror - Ideal for checking tan-lines and wind swept hair. 
  • Body Spray - Just to keep you feeling fresh, as you never know who you may meet on the beach ;)
  • Spending money - When I go somewhere new I love buying a souvenir - in the form of clothing or food.
  • Ice cream - Totally acceptable when at the beach, I mean who doesn't like ice cream?

Also as I was feeling extra creative, I decided to go back to my old style of blogging with visual collages including my favourite picks from the Adore Me range. Let me know what are your beach favourites, from their gorgeous plus-size swimwear range.

Print High Waisted Bikini Poppy
Black Rashguard Bikini Manon

White Lace Coverup Emika

Thanks for reading lovelies,

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

The Modern Starlet

Hello lovelies,

To conclude presenting my evening outfits, I thought I would put together a look that embodies my love for Hollywood Starlets' meshed together with my evolving style; hence the post name 'The Modern Starlet'. Whilst planning outfits to shoot, I styled this one by accident. Though saying that, I believe that this particular outfit out of them all, is the most timeless.

Also can we please take a minute to appreciate how gorgeous my new heels from Public Desire are, I mean I was in love when I first tried them on but styling them with dark plum really complement them perfectly! I cannot wait to go to a nice dinner or clubbing in these.

Outfit details: Coat - Everything 5 Pounds // Dress - Pretty Little Things // Heels - Public Desire

Thank you Nicola for the beautiful photographs!

Until next time lovelies,

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Studio 54 Vibes

Hello lovelies,

To commence showcasing off my evening ensembles, I decided to start with this new addition to my wardrobe; what I like to call the 'Studio 54 jumpsuit'.

I have to be honest, I shied away from jumpsuits for a while because I used to think they wouldn't suit me. Though I always used to admire anyone who could pull them off. Cue my current jumpsuit hunt, in the beginning I wanted to start with a khaki-green utilitarian jumpsuit because it was easy to style and a wardrobe basic.

However, you may have noticed that my first adult jumpsuit was a slinky strapless jumpsuit from Boohoo, then a couple months later I stumbled onto the khaki-green River Island one that turned into my go-to option.

So one night when I was scrolling on H&M (sale section) aimlessly (I must add), I couldn't predict on finding a such a glitzy retro jumpsuit for only £10! This jumpsuit is definitely going to be a firm favourite in my wardrobe for the following reasons:

1. It instantly puts me in a good mood.
2. Looks amazing on, in any light.
3. It's a conversation starter and head-turner.
4. When on feels effortless and is really comfortable.
5. It has a modesty clasp on the chest - which is a God send for anyone who has a bigger bust.

Now you know why I love this jumpsuit!

Outfit details:  Leather Jacket - F&F // Jumpsuit - H&M // Clutch - H&M // Heel sandals - Public Desire

Thanks to Nicola from Love and Other Pictures for the gorgeous pictures!

Until next time lovelies,