Tuesday, 22 March 2016

James Kelly SS16

 Hello lovelies,

James Kelly SS16 was not just a show but was an immersive experience which ranged from the aesthetic of the show, the music and the clothes. From the moment the show commenced the atmosphere changed, it was almost as if the audience and I, were transported to an English woodlands.

The sounds that flowed out of the speakers and filled the room were of thunder, lightening, rain and birds singing, as if the we were being taken on the cycle of the calm before a storm - very theatrical!

The clothes embodied the sounds with a colour palette of cloud white, a combination of tree and moss green and mud brown. Although for the most part, the collection was not to my taste, I can still appreciate the time and lengths that Kelly had gone to, to create not only a show but a fashion moment.

Plus, I spotted quite a few wearable pieces in the collection like the sleeveless trench, the high-waist A-line mini skirt, the sheer white dress with contrast shirt leg panel and of course the sturdy boots! I think the usp of having crisp whites with dark colours commonly associated with A/W combined with fresh silhouettes and little details, make the collection memorable for a number of reasons.

The designer openly references genres such as horror, Art House, the famous David Lynch and the Twin Peak series as muses. Similarly enough, I thought I would highlight the common theme in Hussein Chalayn's SS16 collection which when seeing it all over social media reminded me of Kelly's collection - well you know what they say, great minds think alike!

The only constructive criticism to add, for the real Heston Blumenthal experience would be if the room smelt like fresh grass - or perhaps that maybe too much?

Until next time lovelies,

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