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Issues Faced By A 21st Century Woman

Hello lovelies,

So I thought I would be honest with you, as I want my blog to be an avenue for me to share with you my usual content but also personal opinions. Hence why, I decided to share with you a few home truths about being a woman in 2016 - now before I start, I want to stress that I am not talking about every woman but instead a few important aspects of female life that I have heard, seen and experienced personally.


It is common knowledge that bras raise so many issues, one being the debate that all women battle daily - to wear a bra or to not wear a bra? Well for me, there is no question about it, I have to wear a bra. I personally do not feel comfortable enough not to and I think I would attract a lot of unwanted attention if I didn't wear one (for all the wrong reasons). 

Also, after recently being measured I found out that I am now a 28 back, which may sound normal enough but considering that the British high-street commonly start from a 32 or 34 back - you can instantly imagine how hard it is to find a good fitting bra. 

Saying that, I have to add that slowly but surely, lingerie retailers are starting to cater for women with smaller backs - I know this as I completed a whole investigation on the topic for a university assignment. Which made me realise that bra shopping can be quite tedious, frustrating and not forgetting expensive!

Make Up 

If you have been reading my blog since the beginning or following me on social media, you may have noticed my subtle but obvious changes from hairstyles to fashion trends but one thing has always remains constant, the fact that I do not wear make up. I don't usually touch on the subject because I feel it is not necessary though now I think it is appriopate to mention it. 

I like make up because it can be used as a tool to enhance a certain feature and make an individual feel more confident in themselves, I even go through periods where I will watch various make up tutorials - which could be uncommon for someone who doesn't wear it. However I have never felt the need to wear a full face of make up. Has it crossed my mind, yes but to be honest at the moment it seems like a lot of faff; and I feel comfortable enough to continue being fresh faced, regardless of my baby face. 

Saying this, in a recent shoot (that will be up very soon) I decided to branch out and try it. Though what I noticed unsurprisingly to me, is that the beauty industry although 'seemingly catering for all' is unfortunately lacking in creating a wide range of cosmetic products for darker skin - which hopefully will change soon.


A very important element for women and men because it has become the most a prominent feature, thus 'eyebrows on fleek'. Though I find that phrase hilarious, in all seriousness I do think well shaped eyebrows can frame the face, give you confident and even highlight and brighten the face; when freshly done. 

Hence why, I cannot recommend getting your eyebrows done on a regularly basis enough.

Contacts vs Glasses 

As you may have noticed, I was not given the gift of perfect eye sight - well I mean you cannot have it all! Thus, why I wear glasses. It is something I feel comfortable wearing and when I get bored I know I can change whenever I get tired on them. Though throughout my years or wearing glasses, I have always been asked the question of "Why don't you try contact lenses?" or "Aren't you bored of wearing glasses?" and my answer is usually the same - No I like wearing glasses. 

It is something I have worn for years now, so I feel completely comfortable in them. Saying this though, I did try wearing contact lenses in sixth form and liked them but when they finished, I didn't feel the need to buy them again so soon. Though last month I bought them again and wore them in my latest shoot with Nicola. As I thought it was time to invest in a couple contacts for when I am shooting blog outfits or for events. Not to say that I won't be wearing my glasses, just I think it is nice to have the option. 


I love changing my hairstyles whether it is plaited, curled or straight. Though like most women I want more, from what the hair that I have been blessed with. Some want volume and others like me want length, which is why I have worn extensions and tracks, for a couple of years. 

Despite not needing it and being able to live without wear them, I have to admit that I do feel more confident with them in. And to be honest, even if my hair was as long as a mermaid, I think I would still wear them, just to give my hair a break. 


Heels are like bras, if you wear the wrong type it can be uncomfortable, cause bad posture and leave you in a bad mood. On the other hand, the right heel can make you look instantly slimmer, taller and feel more confident. Especially for me as I am on 5'3, so a height boost is always a bonus.

Tip: Become best friends with platform heels and insoles for ultimate comfort!


Exercise a sustainable way to stay healthy, slim and strong, so how come in last couple years more people have become fanatic about it? Well for some it may just be a coincidence but I feel like since the shift in the 'ideal body' (do not get me started on how detrimental that is) has changed from super slim to curvy, more women have decided to become more fit - which is amazing and something I definitely champion!  

Despite that, on the odd day scrolling through my social media and coming across various women who are a similar age or shape, looking so toned and defined can really make me feel down - when usually it gives me motivation (please say I am not the only one?!). 

All cards on the table, I have always tried to be healthy and active during my whole life, so I ashamedly have to admit that I have been slacking this year. However I am determined to get back on it and finally stick to a daily exercise regime - wish me luck! 

Body Image

Like other 90s babies, I grew up during a time where appearance was important but I would say body image was healthy. Where it was cute to have a bit of baby fat and children actually looked like children however, as I grew up I started to realise that being super slim was fashionable. And it did take me a while to come to terms with the fact that I was curvy.

So now that curvy is the 'ideal body' you may think that I feel ecstatic and yes it is nice but because we are only highlighting one body type, it may allow other individuals to feel out of place, awkward and even insecure about themselves. Hence why, I feel that we should continue to celebrate bodies of all shapes not just one. 

Social Media 

I could not complete this list without adding social media, as it is the biggest tool and personally I have not met anyone who does not have an account.

Social media is a tool where everyone wants to portray the best part of themselves, whether they admit it or not. So why do women specifically get so much stick for it? I mean I am sure I do not have to say anything after the words 'double standards'; but their has definitely been a few occasions when I have not posted certain content on specific platforms, just incase in the past. Whereas now that I am a little more comfortable, I feel like I have more confidence not to worry about the potential negative comments.


I am proud to call myself a feminist. It maybe a topic that has been overused and the meaning has been chopped and changed lately, but it is something I completely support. Being a feminist to me, means believing in equality for men and women whether it is in the workplace, at home or in society.

I believe that you should not be judged or restricted by your gender but instead by your personality. Though I think along the way it may have been changed by the media to think it was about hysterical women burning bras (which actually did not happen but was made up by the media!). 

So that concludes my first personal post about being a woman in the 21st century. I am planning to do a few of these, so hopefully you enjoy reading them, as I enjoy writing them.

Until next time lovelies,

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