Thursday, 28 April 2016

Studio 54 Vibes

Hello lovelies,

To commence showcasing off my evening ensembles, I decided to start with this new addition to my wardrobe; what I like to call the 'Studio 54 jumpsuit'.

I have to be honest, I shied away from jumpsuits for a while because I used to think they wouldn't suit me. Though I always used to admire anyone who could pull them off. Cue my current jumpsuit hunt, in the beginning I wanted to start with a khaki-green utilitarian jumpsuit because it was easy to style and a wardrobe basic.

However, you may have noticed that my first adult jumpsuit was a slinky strapless jumpsuit from Boohoo, then a couple months later I stumbled onto the khaki-green River Island one that turned into my go-to option.

So one night when I was scrolling on H&M (sale section) aimlessly (I must add), I couldn't predict on finding a such a glitzy retro jumpsuit for only £10! This jumpsuit is definitely going to be a firm favourite in my wardrobe for the following reasons:

1. It instantly puts me in a good mood.
2. Looks amazing on, in any light.
3. It's a conversation starter and head-turner.
4. When on feels effortless and is really comfortable.
5. It has a modesty clasp on the chest - which is a God send for anyone who has a bigger bust.

Now you know why I love this jumpsuit!

Outfit details:  Leather Jacket - F&F // Jumpsuit - H&M // Clutch - H&M // Heel sandals - Public Desire

Thanks to Nicola from Love and Other Pictures for the gorgeous pictures!

Until next time lovelies,

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