Monday, 13 June 2016

#BeachDayMusts with Adore Me

Hello lovelies,

Adore Me are currently running a #BeachDayMusts campaign and because I have never posted a beach day post (I know, I am just as surprised!) and it's coming to summer, I knew this would be the perfect post.

Personally I love going to the beach, as it has always been one of my happy places and I have nothing but happy memories there - even if one of them is not swimming! For me the beach is a place where I relax, unwind and eat fresh fish and chips, followed by ice cream - I mean what else are you meant to do?

Though all jokes aside, beach attire is serious business. I am always torn with what to wear every time I go to the beach, I usually wear a floaty mini dress or a crop with a skirt; as I don't usually feel comfortable enough frolic around in a sexy two-piece, even though I commend the gorgeous beach babes that have the confidence to do it!

Comfort for me comes first when I am dressing for the beach - as I never usually sunbath on the beach but instead I use the time for myself by reading a book or catch-up with friends and family; not to mention to take a break from technology.

So as beach days are amongst us, I thought I would share a few beach essentials that I have on hand - just incase (thank me later). 

Beach essentials

  • Beach towel or blanket - This is vital for laying on the beach, as you don't want to have to buy one for an extortionate price or risk getting too sand - or in our case feeling uncomfortable on pebbles.
  • Water - I never leave my house without a bottle of water, so when going to the beach,  this couldn't be any more imperative! 
  • Reading material - Why do you think so many books and films start with a person reading a book on the beach? This is because it is a really relaxing place to read (if empty). Plus if you are like me, you probably will need something to keep you awake! 
  • Sunglasses - An obvious one but now that I wear contacts, I cannot stress this enough. Plus, it can really make an outfit look so chic.
  • Sandals or flats - For comfort of course. I would choose a wedge or platform style sandal, such as my personalised Teva because they are ideal for long walk; as most beach towns have very pebbly roads. 
  • Sun protection - This is another obvious one but sun protection is so important to avoid skin cancer. 
  • Cooling spray - I recently received this in a press bag and it is literally so amazingly refreshing!
  • Mirror - Ideal for checking tan-lines and wind swept hair. 
  • Body Spray - Just to keep you feeling fresh, as you never know who you may meet on the beach ;)
  • Spending money - When I go somewhere new I love buying a souvenir - in the form of clothing or food.
  • Ice cream - Totally acceptable when at the beach, I mean who doesn't like ice cream?

Also as I was feeling extra creative, I decided to go back to my old style of blogging with visual collages including my favourite picks from the Adore Me range. Let me know what are your beach favourites, from their gorgeous plus-size swimwear range.

Print High Waisted Bikini Poppy
Black Rashguard Bikini Manon

White Lace Coverup Emika

Thanks for reading lovelies,

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