Monday, 2 January 2017

Am I Kim KW Yet?

Hello lovelies,

It may be apparent that I may have an obsession with... midi dress, of course! Recently I have been loving a midi especially for evening occasions. I find it be so much more flattering on my petite figure, as it hits all the right parts of my body, to elongate the lengthen. I also think it is a great wardrobe essential to incorporate for maximum wear, as it can be easily interchangeable for all seasons, especially if you live in unpredictable climes such as London.

So when I was searching for inspiration and it just so happened that I was in between a Kardashian's series. I thought who better to dedicated this post to than Kim KW, who on a daily basis incorporates midis into her wardrobe, regardless of occasion.

P.s. the black hairband is intentional, as being Kim you never know when you need to pin your hair up in a sleek bun.

A Kim Kardashian West ensemble cannot be complete without a leather jacket, draped over your shoulders and a black choker.

Leather jacket - F&F // Choker - Sister's // Dress - Boohoo // Heels - Ebay  

On Instagram I got a little personal when I posted a few photos from this shoot, talking about body confidence which I think is so important to highlight, especially in a body-obsessed world. It maybe apparent that over the years my body weight has fluctuated and being a twenty-year-old who so frequently documents my outfits, goes to events regularly and is sometimes judged for studying and loving fashion; it can be hard to feel confident on days when you just cannot be bothered - to be frank. Albeit, you do because it is just easier and though when you're known for being happy and positive, it can sometimes take a toil when you really want to sigh and rant.

Though saying this, I love what I do and I love the opportunities I have been granted so far but I am writing this, to say that even individuals like me have low days when you don't feel super confident because of various reasons. Luckily, I have been showered with such positive feedback and comments, that I'm truly grateful to receive (but don't rely on). 

A huge chunk of 2016, was me finally pushing myself to be daring and to buy that bodycon dress (I never felt slim enough for) or wear that jumpsuit that is just catching dust in my wardrobe, waiting to be worn. 

So the reason I decided to do this shoot, was to document a time poignant time in my life, which will hopefully continue remain where I care less about what I look like to other and care more about how an outfit makes me feel. 

As always, thank you to Nicola for another fun shoot!

Thanks for reading lovelies,

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